Monday, October 11, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 130

"Renew, Revive and Restore" Edition...

Standing Pat:
"Sarah Palin is running; she just established the themes of her campaign... 'The theme of 2010 has got to be rebuke their errors, reject, repeal; and then the theme of 2012 — it’s renew, revive and restore.' That is a declaration of war against the Obama agenda... She isn’t waiting on the polls to say when she should go after Obama. She has declared war on him now. No other GOP contender has come close to matching her aggressive stance against the Obama agenda. She nails it by by going back to basics, the three r’s."
The Constitutional Crusader at Confessions of a Constitutional Crusader:
"Sarah Palin... is the classic low-taxes-cut-spending conservative that this country needs."
Merv Benson at Prairie Pundit:
"I like [Tim] Scott for the same reason I like Sarah Palin. I agree with them on the issues and I resent liberals who try to demean them because of [their] stand on the issues. Liberals fear addressing them on the issues and go right for political insults. Insults are not arguments and they are certainly not persuasive."
Ted Belman at Israpundit:
"Gov Sarah Palin, the current GOP leader, can be counted on to support Israel like no president has done to date."
Pamela Geller via YouTube:
"What we've witnessed here is the [marginilization] of every effective leader. Take for example Sarah Palin. I think she's a great candidate...I do. I think she is wonderful. They have nothing on this woman. Think about it. Here's a mother, five children... gets involved... becomes mayor, does a hell of a job, you betcha... loves her husband, husband loves her, becomes governor... she's on the oil and gas commission, goes up against the old boy network, won't play games, resigns, strong woman. She's perfect. They have nothing on this woman -- nothing -- and look what they've done. Look what they've done to this woman... Back in the day when she was a nobody, she had an Israeli flag in her office... Where you stand on Israel, frankly, is where your moral compass is."
Christopher Massie at Drain the Swamp in 2010!:
"If we as Conservatives have a prayer of replacing Carter with Reagan in 2012 ~ ousting Obama, ushering in Palin ~ we’d better realize that even the 'Conservative' papers are attacking the Republicans deserving of 'Reagan Republican' voter’s attention."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"Bill Maher on Friday called former Alaska governor Sarah Palin a horse's ass... Can you imagine a Democrat woman being joked about this way? The National Organization for Women would be demanding an apology or a resignation within minutes. Sadly, what we've seen in recent years is there are absolutely no boundaries involving sexism or misogyny when the butt of a joke is a conservative woman. These days, comedians like Maher clearly flaunt this double standard with total impunity. Must be nice to be able to offend and demean women on national television knowing full well women's rights groups won't care due to the politics of the woman in question."
Joan Vennochi of The Boston Globe:
"The entire liberal establishment — with Mitt Romney’s blessing — is trying to put Sarah Palin on a broomstick to oblivion."
John Hawkins at Right Wing News:
"Sarah Palin and the Smart Girls are saying: You don't have to try to be a man, dislike men, be proud to be a ho, or want to abort as many babies as possible to be a 'feminist.' In fact, that's not what feminism is about at all. We're conservative women and we say feminism is about embracing your womanhood, being pro-life, looking at men as equals, not the enemy, and embracing family life just as much as a corporate career. If you believe that the conservative vision will be more appealing to the American people than the liberal vision, then what Sarah Palin and the Smart Girls are doing isn't just good for women, it's a template that can and should be copied by conservatives in other demographic groups."
Jay Tea at Wizbang:
"It's almost like [Sarah Palin has] experienced having her words taken and twisted and distorted and used against her time and time and time again, and she chooses her words carefully to avoid giving her enemies any more ammunition."
Glenn J. D'Abreo at
"Could those middle class Americans (who the media label stupid, God fearing, and un-enlightened) actually be uniting the country? Given that the patron saint of the Tea Party movement is Sarah Palin, could she be a key figure in uniting the country much like Obama promised he would do? To liberals the mere mention of Sarah Palin’s name causes a break out in hives and difficulty breathing. Just try telling them that Governor Palin is actually uniting the country against the President and the Congress and you are likely to have to resuscitate a lib who has gone into life-threatening shock right there at the water cooler where you broke the horrible news."
Cotton Rose:
"Governor Sarah Palin’s leadership is important for America. Let’s not just stay tuned to see where she is going, but let’s pick up the microphone with her and make our voices heard. Together, we can make America great again."
Thomas S. Kidd at Patheos:
"Sarah Palin has tapped into a formidable segment of the American electorate: conservative Christian women (along with legions of admiring evangelical men). She has also helped to dissolve remaining hesitations some evangelicals felt about the public role of women in American politics. The Left will no doubt successfully brand some of these candidates -- O'Donnell is the ripest target -- as 'extremists.' But these are candidates who represent the public faith of many average churchgoers, including tens of millions of American women."
Pietro Savo:
"Change Warriors such as Sarah Palin... are changing the rules, bringing forth a firestorm of political transformation... Our modern political world is in need [of] the next Iron Lady..."
Jim Putnam at The Coltons Point Times:
"MSNBC has added yet another left wing show with host Lawrence O'Donnell who has been a political analyst for MSNBC for over 10 years... Of course the quality of his new show can be seen by the fact his second [episode] featured the resident idiot from Alaska, Levi Johnston... Seems O'Donnell could never get Sarah Palin on the show so he chose to go for the vulgar dimwit to try and hype his ratings. Now that was some intellectual presentation."
- JP

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