Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kelso: Perry, Republicans getting all the women (voters)

Austin American-Statesman columnist John Kelso notices a tectonic shift in voting habits here in the Lone State State:
You know Texas Democrats and their candidate for governor, Bill White, are in deep doo-doo when they can't even hold the women's vote.

See, generally, women have tended to vote for Democrats because Democrats are seen as the soft and squishy people, the nurturers, the protectors, the kind of guys who are actually glad there's a baby changing station in the men's room, the caregivers, the poets, the men who could sit through Sex and the City without wanting to kill somebody, the men who know yoga (as opposed to the men who quote Yogi Berra) -- the kind of guys who don't throw a whiskey bottle through a TV set on Sunday afternoon when they have to miss part of the Cowboys game to change a diaper.

But here it is, less than a month away from the election (praise God), and a poll shows that 50 percent of female likely voters would cast their ballots for Gov. Rick Perry, the Republican, and only 40 percent would pick Bill White, the Democrat.

That Republicans are getting the women is considered unusual. The poll didn't say if size was a factor. But there's this: When Republican women say bigger is better, they're talking about the old man's American Express limit. Maybe that's the attraction.

No, seriously, pollster Mickey Blum says it might be the first time she's seen more women than men backing the Republican. Maybe the men are being out-Republicaned by the women in Texas because of all the male wimp computer programmers moving here from Marin County.

But Bill White, not exactly Mr. Excitement, may be the main reason for this transition.
But then again, John, it may be that "Mama Grizzly" thing. Texas women, like many of their sisters across the country are just palin... er, plain fed up with the tax-and-spend Democrats and their leftist agenda.

Sarah Palin endorsed Gov. Perry way back in early 2009, and she campaigned with him at a Houston area rally a year later.

- JP

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