Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GOP strategist schools Matthews on Gov. Palin's qualifications

Journolist lives, although under a new name that shall not be revealed. The lamestream media isn't straying far from the script. Case in point: whenever a Republican appears on a cable news panel, the liberal host is now obligated to ask the panelist whether Sarah Palin is "qualified to be president." NewsBuster Noel Sheppard reports that Chris Matthews must have expected GOP strategist Ron Christie to dodge the issue on Tuesday's "Hardball":
Much to the MSNBC host's surprise, Christie not only said she was, but also pointed out, "She's certainly had a whole heck of a lot more experience than a particular junior senator from Illinois":

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Notice how quickly Matthews cuts off Christie and goes to his other guest when the Republican starts talking about Obama's failure on the economy. That's one of the many things the left doesn't want to discuss these days, so they always try to steer any discussion away from that topic.

- JP

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  1. If the leftist loons really believed that Palin's numbers were that low, there wouldn't be the concerted effort to discourage her from even running. I've never seen anything like this before in my life. In the past whenever anyone was considering running there were never polls 2 years out on how well or how bad they'd do, they were simply left alone. I have yet to see any effort to discourage Pawlenty from running, even though he usually scores in the single digits, even among republicans. No, the left doesn't fear Pawlenty or Romney or Huckabee or Thune or Gingrich, etc., but they do fear Palin.