Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Death threats more dangerous than IFOs (identified flying objects)

Whether it's some nut throwing a shoe at George Bush, a paperback at President Obama or tomatoes at Sarah Palin (karmic justice: the flying veggies missed her and instead hit police officers at a book signing event), assaults on public figures are no laughing matter. But death threats are far more disturbing, not to mention dangerous. Excerpts follow from a post by Diane Suffern at Hot Air's Green Room:
While the image of something nearly sailing over an oblivious Obama’s head arouses immature giggling in some (read: me), we certainly should take these incidents seriously and protect public officials at all costs. Most people harbor no ill intentions, but it only takes one deranged person to inflict maximum harm—and they only have to be successful once.

Sarah Palin has received her share of threats from maniacal individuals, the most recent (and curiously underreported) being a death threat prior to speaking at the Combat Vets for Congress fundraiser last Saturday.

While part of her appeal is her endearing willingness to engage everyone she meets, she needs vigilant security from now on. I don’t think this will inhibit her much, though. If anyone can still reach out to others beyond a tight security detail, it’s Sarah Palin.
Related: It was reported just last night that an Anchorage District magistrate issued 6 month restraining order against an 18-year old Pennsylvania man for making threats against Gov. Palin and Kristan Cole.

- JP

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