Monday, October 11, 2010

6 Month Restraining Orders granted to Sarah Palin, Kristan Cole against Shawn Christy

Dan Riehl has an exclusive out of Alaska:
A six month restraining order was issued today by Judge Suzanne Cole to protect Sarah Palin and Kristan Cole from Shawn Christy. It's my understanding that the court had to find that the crime of "stalking in the second degree" was committed in order to issue the two orders in pdf below.

Download 10-11-10 6 month Protective Order S. Palin 10-11-10

Download 10-11-10 6 month protective order K. Cole 10-11-10

Christy is the Pennsylvania man who made death threats against both women. Temporary (20 day) restraining orders were granted to Gov. Palin and Ms. Cole September 27 by Anchorage Magistrate Colleen Ray, but both women had requested longer-term protective orders, which were granted Monday.

- JP

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