Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quote of the Day (July 3, 2011)

Hot Air Candidate Survey: 4th of July Weekend Results
Patrick Ishmael, at Hot Air's Green Room:
“With over 6000 ballots cast... Sarah Palin has returned to almost her highest vote take since the survey began, at 36.94% of the vote. Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry run closely together, coming in second (19.95%) and third (18.91%) respectively. Herman Cain takes fourth at 6.68%, continuing his downward movement since his May highs. Mitt Romney takes fifth, at 6.3%.”
Editor's Note: So let's see if we've got this straight. Gov. Palin dominates this poll. She wins going away, by her highest vote total "since the survey began," beats the two candidates the anyone-but-Palin media is currently hyping (Bachmann by 17 points, Perry by 18 points)... and HA desperately tries to spin this as somehow bad news for Sarah? Why is Ed Morrissey the only contributor at Hot Air that seems to have no axe to grind when it comes to Gov. Palin?

- JP

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  1. Is it possible that a lot of these sites are run by politically connected characters who feel that they should influence who people back? and that when Sarah Palin, someone most of them probably snickered at in the background way back in 2009, has such strong support and they did not create it for her, they are upset that they are then put into the follower mode and not the kingmaker mode?
    I really believe some of these people who run these sites think they should control who is in and who is out... and when they don't control that, they get a little huffy.
    Look, they are just as ego driven as the Establishment folks who run the power broking in Washington... and have the same faults too. A lot of these political sites are also in this to make money.... it may not be their main motive, but do you not think that Daily Caller, Hot Air, The Blaze, etc. etc. want to make a lot of money too?
    Do you ever stop to think how much money is made in the political cycles? There are billions of dollars spent on politics.... and the top political sites rake in the dough. Don't ever kid yourself about that.
    So, whenever you get caught up in the emotional side of politics just stop every once in a while and remember that some people are in this for the money... power.... influence.... fame.... narcissism.
    And when it comes to Sarah Palin, that does not apply.
    The danger that the Political Establishment feels from Sarah Palin is probably felt by the "connected" political web sites too.... they would be just as irrelevant as the corrupt Washingotn politicos.