Monday, July 11, 2011

Quote of the Day (July 11, 2011)

Michael Walsh, channeling Democrat operative “David Kahane”:
Transformers IV: The Quest for Fundamental Change — This Time, It’s Personal... The sneaky Decepti-Neocons launch a series of attacks... They send our heroes fleeing from Honolulu to top-secret Obamacon refuges like Occidental College in Los Angeles to Columbia University in Manhattan to Harvard Law in Cambridge, Mass... And yet the Decepti-Neocons, now commanded by the terrifying fembot, SARAHPALINATRIX, dog them every step of the way. In fact, at one point, Sarahpalinatrix insinuates herself into the household as a Barbie doll and comes to young Barry in his sleep, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. She tries to get him to come over to the Decepti-Neocon Dark Side of personal freedom, economic prosperity, individual liberty, and other such wicked notions. He’s sorely tempted — this succubus is hot — but he’s rescued just in time by Michelle, who tells him it’s time to take out the trash and get the kids ready for the next family vacation. And, as he wakes up he discovers that, somehow, he’s the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!”
- JP

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