Friday, July 8, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 329

“Say” Edition

John Sexton, at Verum Serum:
“That silly gaffe that I discovered a few days ago turns out to have been one of as many as half-a-dozen occasions where the President told the same story and made the same error... Reuters reported on the speech including the bit about the ‘intercontinental railroad’, but apparently no one caught the gaffe. Of course it was a transcontinental railroad, not an intercontinental one... Obama has spoken it in public numerous times and had it reported by several major news outlets, yet no one has called him on it. This is very different from the treatment of historical gaffes accorded to members of the GOP. Sarah Palin would not be given 5-6 chances to correct this embarrassing historical error.”
Hollywoodland, at Big Hollywood:
“Is Harry Reid moonlighting as a rocket-scientist or something?”
Bill, at New Jersey For Sarah Palinj:
“Thatcher's courageous stance against socialism/communism and her undying defense of free market and individual liberty are still inspiring even today. There's a reason why she was dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’ and became Ronald Reagan's political soulmate in the stance against socialism. The ‘Mama Grizzly’ of her day has many parallels that can be drawn with Sarah Palin. And Sarah Palin's task to save America from a European-style socialist disaster is no less daunting and in many ways strikingly similar to the battle that Lady Thatcher waged in the 1970s and 1980s. ”
Bryan Preston, at The PJ Tatler:
“As for Palin, will she stop at nothing to…appoint reasonable, qualified people to positions of trust and power?”
Matthew Boyle, at The Daily Caller :
“Conservative filmmaker Steve Bannon released the trailer for his upcoming documentary of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin... The trailer teases viewers with a taste of what’s to come with the final version: showing how Palin dealt with oil executives and corruption within her own party in Alaska during and prior to her time as governor... The film hits select theaters next Friday, July 15.”
Nassau TEA Party:
“It is a very powerful movie that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about Sarah Palin.”
Carder, via Florida Political Press:
“Perhaps an alternate title could be ‘Sarah Palin 101: Setting the Record Straight,’ for that is exactly what this documentary achieves. Whereas the Katie Courics, Chris Matthews, and Andrea Mitchells of this world would have us obsess over the type of newspapers Sarah reads (or does not read), ‘The Undefeated’ focuses on the actual record of accomplishment, and a successful one at that. The big takeaway? Competence. Sarah Palin is competent, which is more than we can say for those that shall remain nameless”
Ben Hart, at Escape Tyranny:
“Looks great. I can’t wait to see ‘The Undefeated’”
Slade Sohmer, at HyperVocal:
“This film is not what you think it is. The Undefeated — the Palin-praising documentary about the life and political career of the former Alaska governor — is not just two hours of liberals using the C word... Sure it’s an ode to Palin, but it’s really about good governance. It’s about rising up against the political class, taking on the corporate-backed Dems and GOP in tandem. It’s about core principles, beliefs. It’s about a return to the day, once again, when politicians get stuff done for the people. It’s about what a smarter, smaller government can and should do. ”
Elizabeth Hawkes, Youth 4 Palin co-founder, via Lori Calabrese:
“Sarah Palin embodies strength of character, grace under pressure and dignity that has elevated her above her accusers; only tarnishing themselves in their relentless attempts to malign her professional record and personal integrity.”
Pentangeli, at Godfather Politics:
“These so-called Secular trained Progressives have infiltrated all areas of our society and have changed our country from within with us being the willful recipients of their “change.” We were only willful because their changed happened so slowly we almost didn’t notice it. All of that is changing now. The disgusting fruit of this change has put a sour taste in our mouths and we now realize it is in no way nutritious and we want something better. I believe Americans are willing to fight these so called intellectuals at their own game and force them out of their closet of lies. My optimism has encouraged me to come up with a short list for why we should be looking forward to our future and not depressed about it... The TEA Party participants, Ron Paul, and Sarah Palin. Love them or hate them, these people have been a blessing for Americans. They have been on the offensive and aren’t afraid of the media. Americans love a good fight and Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and the TEA Party participants have been winning almost every battle. The sleeping giant is awake inside America and we want our country back. The media can’t keep up. At every turn it tries to defame and destroy these people and at every turn the media ends up looking like a whining baby.”
Shane Vander Hart, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“If Texas Governor Rick Perry or former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin get in they could suck the air out of the room. Pawlenty is really at the mercy of what others do”
Jon Collins, at The Minnesota Independent:
“On the surface, Palin and Bachmann have much in common, including their support of the tea party movement. But the entry of Palin into the race wouldn’t necessarily hurt Bachmann more than most other candidates, University of Iowa Political Science Professor Tim Hagle told the Minnesota Independent... But being in the lead without Palin to attract some of the early criticism could be dangerous for Bachmann. ‘If it looks like she is — as people have been describing her — the alternative to Romney, then it means she’s probably going to come under more fire,’ Hagle said. Still, support in early polls for all Republican candidates is softer than in recent years, opening up the possibility that voters would more willingly switch their allegiances to a late entry like Palin. ‘It gives that opportunity for someone who really has that star-power and pizzazz and charisma to scoop up a lot of these people,’ Hagle said. ‘Bachmann seems to have a lot of star-power — but not as much as Palin.’”
FriendOfGeorge, at I Am The Eye:
“This is a joint effort by MSM and GOP Establishment. They do not even like Michele Bachmann, it`s just that they are using her as a tool to try [to] destroy Gov Palin.”
Larry Miller, at Political Christian:
“Sarah Palin, whose plain talking style and lack of acquiescence to the niceties of old time politics has earned her the scorn of beltway bandits from both parties – from Democrats, because she scares the living daylights out of them because of the way she relates to the Joe Lunchbox [crowd], and from the old timers in her party... Attacks from the left are to be expected, especially against those they fear the most, but those from the right are manifestations of two political phenomena. The first is that Sarah Palin does represent a threat to the status quo for those who are content to keep a firm control on a minority party. The second is that... some Republicans feel the need to be liked and respected by Democrats and the formerly mainstream media… and it will never happen.”
Exit Quote: Barack Obama, via SodaHead:
“Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel's...”

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