Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 328

“She hears us” Edition

Patrick S. Adams, at Patrick's World USA:
“Watching Governor Palin interact with her army has been like watching a perfect example of leadership. Her supporters are their own people with their own opinions who act independently of any official Palin organization. Yet, she has never been shy about stepping up and joining a battle with her online supporters. Nor has she been shy about telling them to keep their powder dry... She knows Organize4Palin is out there. She knows that Stacy is trying to get her to cough it up about running (who can blame him?). We know she reads Conservatives4Palin and other blogs about her because she's retweeted them. What websites and blogs does she read? ‘All of them.’ She hears us. She knows we want her to run.”
Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain:
“Because whatever the pundits say, Palin will do the opposite.”
Peter Singleton, of O4P, via The Daily Caller:
““Is it too late to enter the race? Absolutely not. Is there a point where it’ll be too late to enter the race? Probably. But she knows that better than I do. We’re not at that point here in Iowa. There’s a different set of rules that apply for Sarah Palin. We now know a lot of people in Iowa. We have a lot of people in Iowa that are on our team. We have a mailing list. We keep in touch with folks. It provides a foundation of relationships and people if Gov. Palin gets in the race. And I think she will.”
Bristol Palin, to ABC's Barbara Walters:
“That’s up to her when she’s going to announce.”
Michael Walsh, at NRO's The Corner:
“But that’s not the way things work in Liberaland, a cargo cult that firmly believes in the totemic value of parchment — preferably, parchment with an Ivy League patrimony. That’s why self-made people like Sarah Palin, with her crummy journalism degree from Dogtooth State Teachers College, drive them crazy: Their only definition of ‘smart’ has to do with school and GPA. By their lights, someone like Andrew Lloyd Webber, who dropped out of Oxford after one term in order to become a composer, is a complete failure... But in the zero-sum game that is life to the Left, there’s only one way to play. After all, just look at the chief: Occidental, Columbia, Harvard Law… what could possibly go wrong?”
Elect Sarah Palin:
“And the media calls Sarah Palin dumb. Obama thinks it’s 2008, his 12 year old daughter is 13, and he awarded a dead soldier in person, the Medal of Honor.”
Alexander Cintron, at Associated Content:
“The Undefeated is set to release nationwide in Mid July at AMC Theatres in Dallas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Atlanta, Orange County, Phoenix, Houston, Indianapolis, and Kansas City... If you don't come away from this movie more informed and energized, than you simply weren't watching... This movie is not so much a ‘pro-palin’ movie, as it is a true-Palin movie. It does not take sides; it simply states to you the facts... strongly suggest every American watch this movie. This movie crosses all party lines, and just goes to the heart of the issues. Whether you are a democrat or a republican, liberal or conservative, this documentary will give you information that you simply will not hear from the main stream media”
Stephen Bannon, to Orlando Sentinel movie critic Roger Moore:
“If some of the local Palin folks can get people enthusiastic and into the theaters, the way films like ‘Passion of the Christ’ built interest, then we may sell enough tickets to open wider. Since we don’t have the $20 million in print and TV ad money from the Weinsteins and Disney, we really have to do everything kind of bootstrap.”
Irish Coins, in a C4P guest submission:
“It is now necessary to do your part to make sure the seats are sold out in all the early selected theaters where the film will open on July 15. So buy tickets and bring your friends. This is required to get the film into the next phase, with more markets for the critical national opening in all markets. And it is perhaps another level to the summation admonition in the film, to not squander the gifts we are given. The gift of this film needs to develop a life of its own and go viral. At the very least, we must sell 1200 tickets for each of 10 locations to bring the film to life on the national stage. We have one week until July 15 to exceed that goal.”
Roderic Deane:
“This movie will inspire everyone to stand up for your beliefs and to stand true for the things that matter to you. ”
Andrew Breitbart, at Big Hollywood:
“The much anticipated Sarah Palin documentary by filmmaker Steve Bannon comes out in theaters next Friday, July 15th... Democrats who watch this will see somebody they wish they had on their side — and they did once, in Alaska. Governor Palin stood up to the deservedly vilified ExxonMobil, whose criminal misconduct with the Exxon Valdez was exacerbated with years and years of legal wrangling and deep-seated corruption that Governor Palin took on directly... I have never seen a greater disparity between the media Sarah Palin and the real one. Mainstream media types who have seen this movie are admitting as much but claim that it’s Sarah Palin who drastically changed into a completely different person. No, this was a manufactured Palin, manufactured to destroy her in the pursuit of protecting Barack Obama. Rebels of all stripes who come to this film with open eyes will be inspired by a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a warrior who took on the system and won.”
Joshua Green, via Twitter:
“I knew Brit tabloid standards were low, but quoting the National Enquirer?! (P.S. I was there, story's false)
Tony Lee at Human Events:
“Obama would not be tweeting or having Twitter townhalls if it weren’t for the way former Alaska Gov. and potential presidential candidate Sarah Palin became Twitter’s trailblazer... What makes Twitter work for Palin is she has found the secret to social media -- she comes across on Twitter as the type of person she is in real life. She’s authentic. Palin’s tweets do not read like they are press releases or have been run through a series of bureaucratic operatives or focus groups. And that is why her supporters, critics, and the media had to pay attention to every tweet. In the process, Palin lured the members of the mainstream media onto Twitter. They had to join out of necessity and curiosity. Of course, the GOP establishment and the mainstream media mocked Palin at first. They said she was ‘not serious’ for just ‘tweeting.’ And now, Twitter is conventional. It is the terrain on which more of the political game is being played.”
James Lewis at American Thinker:
“Sarah Palin's church was burned down in Wasilla after the 2008 campaign. Where are the media sleuths on that raging mob behavior?”
Clay Waters, at NewsBusters:
“The latest edition of the New York Times’ Sunday magazine gave conservatives a rare opportunity to repurpose Times Executive Editor Bill Keller as a pinata, though the paper’s intent may have been to make its conservative critics look irrational. Readers responded bluntly to Keller’s trashing of Sarah Palin in his column for the June 19 issue, in which he claimed ‘most journalists would recoil in horror from the idea’ of a Palin presidency. The Times printed a full page of letters, a dozen in all, from insulting Keller critics and Palin sympathizers. A few were incisive...”
Exit Quote: William F. Buckley Jr., via Ben Domenech:
“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
- JP

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