Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 327

“Vision” Edition

The Girl Jo:
“I read this quote recently: ‘It is vision that inspires, motivates, and transforms desire into action.’ I would add that a vision must be more than just a slogan. It must be extraordinary, truly challenging the status quo. I believe that Sarah Palin is a woman of vision. Her vision for this nation has been evident to those with eyes to see, since day one. Think about it: on the very day that she was introduced to the nation almost three years ago, patriotic hearts were stirred– inspired to believe that they were seeing someone in whom they could truly trust. Many–myself included–sensed something that drew us to her. That something was vision–the ability to see not only this nation’s past greatness, but what we needed to do to remain great... Sarah Palin’s consistent refrain for the past three years has been to remind us that we live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth, encouraging us to believe along with her that we can hold fast to that greatness. Her faithful adherence to that belief provides a hope that links us to generations to come. And that is not a bridge to nowhere–it is a bridge to the future.”
Mark America, at Palin Promotions:
“Too few of our politicians are willing to get tough in the name of the country and its future. This is why I am betting the farm on Sarah Palin.”
ehvogel, at Generational Dysfunction:
“One of the things that impresses me about Sarah Palin is the presence of being that she brings to a room... Sarah Palin has that charisma and following that we haven’t seen since John or Bobby Kennedy. Reagan had it, but his was born out of experience and the wisdom of age. Sarah, on the other hand, possesses both the conviction to principle, as did Reagan, and an overwhelming presence of being, the likes of which I have not seen since RFK’s drive-by so many years ago. It’s so very hard to explain the ‘it’ that Sarah Palin possesses. All I can say is that ‘it’ is there and if she so chooses, ‘it’ could realistically propel her into the White House. I feel like a kid again, watching an icon drive by and hoping that ‘it’ is real. Please watch ‘The Undefeated’. The movie will change your opinion of what ‘it’ is.”
RightFighter, at Free Republic:
“I thought the issue of her resignation as governor was handled and explained very well. Anyone who has questions about that should see this film, and they won't question it any longer. It was a courageous and smart thing to do for the benefit of her state.”
Dwayne Horner, at The PJ Tatler:
“Sarah Palin will undoubtedly be happy with the movie’s intermixing of interview clips from conservative leaders Kate Obenshain, Tammy Bruce, Andrew Breitbart, and Mark Levin. Both Levin and Breitbart openly compare Palin to Ronald Reagan, and brilliantly paint her as the cure to the Republican establishment politics... Breitbart colorfully calls the men in DC he sees as the establishment ‘eunuchs,’ which I am sure you can figure out why. Overall, The Undefeated accomplishes two things. First, it reminds conservatives why Sarah Palin’s pick energized them in 2008, enough to at least get them to hold their collective noses and vote for John McCain. And second, it accurately portrays Palin as a woman who was far more qualified to be president than Barack Obama, and how she has the knowledge and background to beat him in 2012. Now, the only piece of the puzzle missing is whether or not she will run. We’ll know soon enough.”
Paul Bedard, at U.S.News & World Report:
“Big crowds are being urged to flood the openings of The Undefeated, the movie about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's political rise, the latest indication that the 2008 vice presidential nominee is still looking for a signal from the public that it wants her to run for president.”
Mark Whittington, at Yahoo! News:
“The big loser in a potential Palin entry into the race is Michele Bachmann. Bachmann is well liked by many conservatives and Tea Party activists. But she is clearly a second choice for activists should there not be a Palin presidential campaign. Should Palin enter the race and start campaigning personally in Iowa, Bachmann has every potential for a sudden implosion. If Bachmann is liked, Palin is beloved. The wildly successful premiere of the Palin biopic ‘The Undefeated’ in Pella, Iowa, may be another signal that Palin is running. Palin, surrounded by supporters, offered encouragement for their efforts. This suggests that she is well aware of her strength in Iowa, even if many establishment Republicans are not. This would provide a great incentive to jump in. ”
Benyamin Korn, at JTA:
“Many reviews already have appeared of ‘The Undefeated,’ the soon-to-be-released documentary about Sarah Palin’s tenure in Alaska. Yet none of them -- even in The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post or Politico.com -- mentions that nearly all of the film’s many pro-Palin media talking heads are Jews.”
Bahl, at Bahl's Blog:
“Elites from both sides have long knives targeting those outside the establishment. Consider the unprecedented length taken in an effort to discredit Sarah Palin. The New York Times spent much of last month going through her emails, oblivious to the destructive antics of President Obama... we must seek candidates who frequently oppose the progressive antics that have gotten us into this mess. A start would be to strongly consider those whom ‘Conservative’ FOX News contributor Liz Trotta, a graduate of Columbia University, claimed were graduates of ‘Fleabag U’, referring, of course, to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. FYI, Palin graduated from The University of Idaho while Bachmann holds a BA from Winona State University in her home state of Minnesota and law degrees from Oral Roberts University and The College of William and Mary. In searching for potential candidates who appear ready to take on the establishment, Palin and Bachmann are among those at the top of my (The Florida State University) list.”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“East-coast Palin-hater Liz Trotta is at it again...”
Scott Whitlock, at NewsBusters:
“ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper appeared on the June 27 edition of Dennis Miller's radio show and conceded to a media blackout of Barack Obama's Medal of Honor gaffe. (The President confused a living recipient with the deceased Jared Monti who died in combat.) Tapper admitted that the President made ‘a big uncomfortable mistake.’ He added, ‘And I don't think that that got the same kind of coverage as, you know, when Sarah Palin got Paul Revere's ride-’ Tapper's right. His own network, ABC, as well as CBS and NBC, have skipped the Monti story.”
Warner Todd Huston, at Big Journalism:
“Remember Palin’s Paul Revere incident or Bachmann’s John Wayne comment? These comments were used by the Old Media for days and days of finger pointing and laughing. Yet, strangely, Obama’s ‘intercontinental’ comment has never seen the light of day until Verum Serum noticed it.”
Bristol Palin, via The Daily Caller:
“I think we have some of the thickest skin... We’re really tough, and what people say negatively about us, it’s like, ‘OK, whatever, they are entitled to their own opinion.’ But at the end of the day, we’re a close-knit family, and we have God on our side... The biggest misconception about my mom that really irritates me is that she’s dumb... She’s so smart, and if anyone had a conversation with her they’d realize that... I wanted to note in my book that my mom wouldn’t let us ride first-class on an airplane; she got rid of the governor’s chef. There were no perks for her being governor.”
Kristina Lazzaro, at New York Conservative:
“Happy 17th Birthday to Willow...”
Ferrell Gummitt, at The Liberal Lie:
“In 2008 Obama won the presidency during an economy that compared to today was going gangbusters. This created a comfort level on the part of voters which enabled them to only have to pay half attention to the issues and vote for the first black president despite not knowing much about him. At the same time the popularity of George W. Bush was in the tank because his administration refused to defend itself against the perpetual hatchet-job done by the Democrats/media. John McCain was about the worst possible presidential candidate the GOP could have thrown up there. The usual traditional media-Democrat bias was in hyper drive during this entire process, completely ignoring or covering up Obama’s shortcomings while simply making things up about Sarah Palin.”
Exit Quote: Ronald Reagan, in Moscow, 1988:
“To grasp and hold a vision, that is the very essence of successful leadership...”
- JP

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