Monday, July 4, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 326

“Restoring Sanity” Edition

Rock, at The Time Has Come Today:
“The Massive deficit. There is a reason for it... We have a spending problem that no amount of taxing will cure... If you raise taxes on the wealthy, on the job creators, and bring in some money that will never pay for this out-of-control debt, what will you do to the weak economy? A lot of damage... And all to bring in maybe 80 billion dollars. That's not going to close this debt. You take down this debt by less spending and by growing this economy. There is no magic pill... We cannot continue to spend like mad. Please understand this. Washington has an addiction to spending on the most idiotic things, and it has to end, now... Common Sense is all we ever needed... Sarah Palin will begin to restore sanity to this nation. And we will survive. If you only give her the chance. And your support. Yes, there will be hundreds of entities working to see her fail. But with Americans like you and me behind her, they cannot defeat her.”
Laura Lee Donoho, at The Wide Awake Cafe:
“Sarah is still standing after the relentless attacks of the Democrat hounds of hell.”
Jim Treacher, at The DC Trawler:
“There was a relatively minor media frenzy over Sarah Palin canceling her bus tour. Now she says it’s on hold because she has jury duty, but she plans to pick up the tour at a later date. So all the people who were braying ‘Quitter!’... have to find new reasons it’s her fault. (For example, Mediaite’s Colby Hall goes with the ‘Look what you made me do!’ angle.) It’s been [just a few] weeks since the previous failed gotcha, when those 24,000 e-mails turned out to be disappointingly scandal-free. Then there was the time Palin magically made a crazy guy shoot a bunch of people by putting up a map he never saw. And then there was the time before that, and the time before that, on and on, going back to the first time you ever heard of her. The following is a simple illustration of the process...”
John Lott:
“Los Angeles Times paints what will be a surprising portrait of Palin to her liberal detractors...”
Cora Lee Schingnitz, in a letter to the editor of The Yuma Sun:
“I have long wondered why people are so hostile about Sarah Palin... So what can they say? ‘She's stupid.’ If she is so stupid, how did she become so wildly successful at everything she does? She worked her way from town councilman to small-town mayor, to state oil and gas commissioner to state governor, to vice presidential candidate in a little over 15 years. She took on the corrupt good old boys in the Republican Party. She sold... the Westwind II jet her predecessor had purchased against the wishes of the Alaskan taxpayers and cut down on the staff in the governor's mansion, holding meetings in her kitchen, Golda Meir-style, while caring for her family and in her spare time helping her husband fulfill his fishing contracts. Yes, Sarah Palin has it all — beauty, brains and brawn, and it's driving the left wild.”
Dan Riehl, at Riehl World View:
“True, the media has done everything it can to shred Palin's reputation. Also, before the more current seeming love affair it's having with Bachmann - one that will not last - she never did receive much credit, or positive attention from the media.”
The Lonely Conservative:
“ABC News has an article titled ‘Sarah Palin’s Unlikely Supporter.’ Are they surprised that a black woman would support Sarah Palin?... Bad on ABC News for finding it so ‘unlikely’ that Americans whose skin happens to be dark would support Sarah Palin or other Tea Party candidates. But hey, at least they didn’t mock or belittle her as so many liberals do to those who step outside of their stereotypical boxes. And in all fairness, at least they told her story. I’m sure those who aren’t mocking Mrs. Johnson would rather just ignore her.”
Bristol Palin, to CBN's Wendy Griffith:
“I feel like people tried to break me down during that [‘Dancing With The Stars’] experience. But that just gave me the fire in my gut to do better.”
Ron Devito, at US for Palin:
“Readers get to see the sibling rivalries and the interactions among the large extended family spanning multiple generations. We see the lives of Sarah and Todd Palin through the eyes of their eldest daughter from the perspective of a teenager and young adult. Bristol’s vivid descriptions of events and incidents put the reader right in the action. For this reason alone, Not Afraid of Life is a must-read and and a must-have for the library of any Palin supporter.”
AJ, at
“Vetting Obama... ‘Palling around with terrorists,’ a phrase made famous by Governor Sarah Palin during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, has just risen to new heights in its accuracy with regard to Obama.”
Angela Walker, at
“I was at the one theater in California where ‘The Undefeated’ will be released, and I was in the presence of California's organizers for the Tea Party movement. Brave people who daily rub shoulders with neighbors who despise their political leanings. It wasn't so much a film screening as it was a pep rally reminding us that there's a rogue politician who is ready to take on ‘Big Government.’ ... It's impressive to learn of the improvements she made for the city of Wasilla and the state of Alaska, always reminding those listening that it's about the people, not about the government. Whatever you say about her, the woman can get things done.”
Kufsy, at Off The Kufs:
“I am starting to realize that Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with. The left loathes her and we need to ask why. Is it because she scares them? All I know is that my so-called conservative Republican friends that do not like her are not really conservatives.”
tdc, at The Design Conservative:
“As someone who did her homework when Governor Palin was selected to run with Senator McCain in 2008, I considered myself quite familiar with her record of achievement in Alaska... Despite this background information, however, The Undefeated enabled me to see Governor Palin with new eyes... In story after story, the picture of Governor Palin became clear: she has a servant’s heart and a lion’s will. Whatever the personal or political costs, she won’t back down and she won’t retreat from a course she feels is right... I do not exaggerate when I say that people who walk into the theater with skepticism about Sarah Palin’s capacity to achieve higher office may very well walk out asking, ‘When is she going to announce?’ and ‘How can I help?’... After July 15th, there will be no excuse for anyone to plead ignorance about Sarah Palin’s record.”
John Hawkins, at Right Wing News:
“Now, without further ado, a ranking of GOP presidential contenders (and some select ‘maybe they’ll runs’) based on their Twitter Followers...”
Bill Corfield, at Reasonable Conversation:
“Polling second in the both the Gallup and the RCP polls, Palin is still positioned to make quite the splash if she decides to run for POTUS. She's got great name recognition, loads of cash, a buzz factor that blows away anyone else's. A Palin campaign, to many, would be thrilling. Well positioned for either direction. Stay out of the race and play king maker, or jump in with little to lose.”
Exit Quote: William Shakespeare, in King Lear, Act 3 Scene 4:
“O, that way madness lies; let me shun that.”
- JP

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