Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making things up: Salon attributes phony quotes to Sarah Palin

The faked Salon quotes were picked up by other sites
There they go again. The lamestream media is making things up by falsely attributing quotes she never uttered to Gov. Palin:
In an article published Tuesday entitled “Casey Anthony: The Candidates Respond,” Salon Magazine smeared Sarah Palin and several Republican presidential candidates with faked quotes reacting to the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. The faked quotes, especially those falsely attributed to Michele Bachmann and Palin, made their way around the Internet this week, adding to the media-driven campaign of hatred against leading Republican women.


Palin was smeared as a separation-of-powers ditz, accusing President Barack Obama of not getting involved in the Anthony case:
“Once again we see, with our nation in crisis, President Obama stands by and does idly nothing while an injustice is committed here in this glorious nation of ours … Why the strange silence, Mr. President?”

Alex Pareene, who is described at the end of the article as “Alex Pareene writes about politics for Salon,” made up the quotes in apparent frustration that Republican candidates had not waded into the Anthony murder trial controversy. The new media standard now seems to be if a Republican won’t say something outrageously foolish, the media will make up the quotes they want and destroy the candidate anyway.

The article is so poorly-written (and without further clarification) that the author’s attempt at satire is lost upon the reader. The quotes are presented as sourced quotes and transcripts.

Come to think of it, this sounds oddly familiar. Oh yes, it was just one month ago when Politico got caught red handed, so to speak, doing pretty much the same dishonorable thing. In Politico's case, the authors blamed some anonymous editor for their journalistic crime. In Salon's case, the author, though he presented the quotes as real, now claims his piece was "satire." The left wing media always has some lame excuse for their smear jobs against Sarah Palin, don't they?

- JP

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