Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dr. Michael Santos: Who is Jane Galt?

"By going Galt (or going rogue as she put it), Palin proved what she is made of."
John Galt, the hero of Atlas Shrugged, battled and defeated the collectivist system which in the novel had "fundamentally transformed" America. At Tea Party Tribune, Dr. Michael Santos finds the overtones of Obama's America remarkably similar to the centrally controlled United States described in Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel and submits that the question today is not "Who is John Galt?" but rather, is there a John Galt who can lead our corrupted republic out from under the statist shadow which looms over every aspect of our councils and culture:
I contend that there is one. Not a John Galt, but a Jane Galt, coming out of one of the most unlikely places, Wasilla, Alaska. Some will be skeptical about this, not seeing any similarities between the objectivist atheist fictional hero, and the Christian hockey mom. However, the similarities are striking.

Following the 2008 election Sarah Palin returned to Alaska to resume her job as governor, a job where she was enjoying a greater than 80% approval rating. She was indeed the most popular governor in America. One of the most popular governors ever in American history.

Then, groups of left-wing progressive radicals declared war on the governor.


Sarah Palin refused to accept the rules of the game as presented by her radical enemies, and decided to do something unusual. She decided to take herself out of the system. Just as John Galt understood that by staying within the system, he was enabling it, allowing the Marxists to use him, and others like him, to make their socialist utopia work. Palin knew she was the one that made it possible for the radicals to be transforming Alaska’s government into a hell. And so, she stepped out. And while the radicals were celebrating, before they knew it, they saw something they were not expecting; they saw her coming right at them.


There is now little doubt that Palin succeeded at what she attempted to do. She was able to revitalize her name, revived any political future she might have, paid her growing debt, spared her state the ongoing radical attacks, continued to have her agenda moved forward by her former Lieutenant governor, and gave herself a chance to influence national politics. As Ronald Reagan would have said, not bad, not bad at all.


By going Galt (or going rogue as she put it), Palin proved what she is made of. I would encourage conservatives, tea party patriots, and any one who believes in the power of the individual to take a stand against the powerful and make difference, to take a second look at this real life Jane Galt, as she gets ready to embark in her most difficult challenge ever. To take a stand against the elites of both political parties, the elites that have transformed our great nation into the America of Atlas Shrugged.

The elites of Atlas Shrugged feared what John Galt stood for, and tried to destroy him. The real life elites also fear what Palin stands for, and they will continue their best efforts to destroy her. However, with our support we can help send a signal to them that will give them a shiver down their spine. That Sarah Palin is coming to Washington DC. And a new birth of freedom is coming with her.

Going Galt by going rogue, hmmm... We think the good doctor is on to something with an explosive amount of potential here. We suggest Palinistas conduct a new sticky note campaign, a campaign which requires no meetings nor makes demands on one's time budget. It's inexpensive and easy. Let's stick our message everywhere we can think of until it becomes the talk of America. The notes would, of course, all have the same message:
Who is Jane Galt?
- JP

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