Friday, July 1, 2011

75 percent of Americans in sync with Sarah on domestic energy

'Drill, baby, drill' is a winning issue for Gov. Palin
From the Washington Examiner's David Freddoso, some potentially very good news for Sarah Palin:
For politicians seeking a winning issue, there is still a lot of ground to be gained from the "drill, baby drill" meme, a new Rasmussen Reports poll shows:
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows that just 19% believe the United States does enough to develop its own gas and oil resources. Seventy-five percent (75%) do not think the country is doing enough in this area.
h/t: Tammy Bruce
Though the left has mocked Sarah Palin for making Michael Steele's "Drill, baby, drill" mantra a well-known phrase, Freddoso observes that this is one issue they are no longer winning.

More importantly, this is one of the most compelling reasons why Sarah Palin should run for president in 2012. No announced or potential presidential candidate can match Gov. Palin's experience in energy matters nor her record or of accomplishment on domestic energy exploration and production. Certainly none share the intensity of her commitment to make America energy secure and independent.

She has tirelessly advocated for opening ANWR and the National Petroleum Reserve for drilling. As Alaska's governor, she negotiated an agreement to develop a natural gas pipeline from Alaska through Canada to the Lower 48. When ExxonMobil failed to live up to its lease agreement to develop the Point Thomson field, Gov. Palin warned them to get to work or risk losing the lease, and that decisive action led to the first drilling at that location in 30 years. She developed and implemented a new oil tax plan that provided incentives for investment in capital development for producers.

Also as governor, Sarah Palin served as the 2007-2008 chairman of IOGCC, the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, an organization of 30 member states and seven associate states which promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of the nation’s oil and natural gas resources, while at the same time protecting health, safety, and the environment. Prior to her election as governor, Palin chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the state agency responsible for overseeing oil and gas drilling and production, reservoir depletion, and other operations on private and state-owned lands in the 49th state.

With 75 percent of Americans on her side on a matter as essential to America's economic health and security as this one, plus her unique qualifications and accomplishments on domestic energy, it's an issue which could fuel a considerable portion of a Sarah Palin drive to the White House.

Drill, baby drill, and run, Sarah, run!

- JP

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