Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 302

Special "Dead Media's Touch" Edition

Elizabeth Scalia, at
“WaPo and NYTimes making a BIG Mistake... The same press that wouldn’t vet Barack Obama, and barely questions 2400-page policies is looking for the public to find dirt on a private citizen who has been out of office for two years? She is so in their heads, and their hate is so naked, that the WaPo and NYTimes don’t realize how destructive this move is going to be to their own selves. When even Palin non-fans and fence-sitters (like me) are offended by this — you’re talking EPIC fail! As with Barbara Walters last week, they’re letting their hate lead them into a self-destructive place. How will it go for Palin? She wins.”
Bob Montgomery, at Unified Patriots:
“Bush Derangement Syndrome has morphed into Palin Derangement Syndrome, and these people are so fanatical they don’t even care, don’t even suspect, that they look like idiots.”
Fr. John Zuhlsdorf:
“Can we imagine they are looking for the good things she did as Governor with the purpose of praising her? Surely there will be some. If they find those things will they report them? Do we expect stories about how, as Governor, she – say – helped a vet get a new wheelchair? My initial reaction is one of contempt. And I am pretty sure I would have the same reaction were this about a politician whose career I find loathsome, such as an aggressively pro-abortion ‘catholic’. Enlist volunteers for this? Does this seem to you to be a weird journalistic low?”
“Funny, I don’t recall them asking for help to read the 2000+ page ObamaCare bill. If they had, perhaps they may have found the three multi-billion dollar slush funds that were hidden in it.”
Allahpundit, at Hot Air:
“I can’t think of an old-school paper doing a major document dump on its readers and treating it as some sort of joint investigative endeavor. I could be wrong... Even if I am, I’m amazed that they’d employ this for Palin, of all people, given the intense criticism it’s going to draw, especially since the Journal and other papers will be reviewing things the traditional way. I guess they figure, after three years of antagonism, why keep up any pretense?”
Ken Shepherd, at NewsBusters:
“I guess that's a few more jobs the Obama administration can claim credit for, especially since it indirectly amounts to free oppo research for the 2012 Obama campaign.”
Greta Van Susteren, at GretaWire:
“If... a news organization is seen as having a bad motive – i.e., on a mission to destroy someone rather than trying to assemble noteworthy information and report – it is not journalism but something else. Palin should not get ‘special treatment’ or a ‘media colonoscopy’ simply because the media can’t get enough of her, doesn’t like her, or thinks it will spike readership or viewers to cover her. If the foregoing are the reasons for hiring the extra help to go through her emails (the outsourcing) the public is better served by the Post and the Times (and others) using their resources chasing down other stories, for instance pouring over documents showing exactly where the dollars are going that are being spent on defense contractors in Afghanistan.”
Jim Treacher, at the DC Trawler:
“NYT, WaPo give up even pretending to be news organizations... They’re an opposition research arm of the Democratic Party.”
Michael Walsh, channeling leftist "David Kahane" at NRO's The Corner:
“Help the WaPo and the Times Destroy Sarah Palin! ... Speaking very personally, I am so proud of our nation’s great newspapers, enlisting the aid of our tovarishes from coast to coast in this very worthy undertaking. For Sarah Palin — currently feigning to be a ‘private citizen’ — poses such a threat to the Peoples’ Republic that she simply must be stopped by any means necessary.”
Melanie Morgan:
“Is it an organized witchhunt by the Washington Post to bring down Sarah Palin, or a lazy, nearly bankrupt dinosaur media that has to recruit volunteers to do its dirty work? You pick. I'm torn.”
Elisabeth Meinecke, at's blog The Tipsheet:
“And people complain about bloggers! This is ridiculous. As overwhelming as this task is, it's somebody's job, not a free-for-all assignment. And it's about one of the most controversial figures in American politics, which means everything should be treated with an extra dose of professionalism. Can you imagine a post saying, help us investigate the Obama emails?”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“But they’re not biased.”
Daria, at The Conservative Diva:
“You might want to ask yourself why two of the best-known liberal rags are expending their energy enlisting readers to distort in any conceivable way every back-and-forth correspondence from the former governor of Alaska and NOT say — oh you know — the former governors of Massachusetts and Minnesota?”
Charlie Quidnunc, at Wizbang:
“You have to first fill out a form to determine if you are sufficiently looney.”
Ace, at Ace of Spades HQ:
“Washington Post: Hey, Liberal Readers! Hey, Liberal Bloggers! Help Us Dig Through The Palin Email Release Dump To Find Negative Information Requiring ‘Further Investigation’! ... Well isn't that special. Howard Kurtz is delegating his thinking to a Daily Kos Diarist, and the Washington Post is subcontracting to the Huffington Post's Reality-Based Community... there is apparently no longer any wall at all between the left-wing fever swamps and the inaccurately-termed ‘mainstream media.’ They're now just operating openly together. Hand-in-glove, cheek-by-jowl.”
- JP

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