Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 317

“Establishment Prison” Edition

Brices Crossroads, via Iowans4Palin:
“The 2012 Election cycle is shaping up in many ways to be a mirror image of the 1980 election, which brought the Country and the world the great Ronald Reagan. The Democrats are set to renominate another monumentally failed and politically weak President, as they did with Jimmy Carter in 1980. The GOP Establishment is threatened, genuinely threatened, for the first time since Reagan menaced it thirty years ago, by the advent of a new Conservative superstar, Sarah Palin... In Mitt Romney, the Establishment is fielding its weakest candidate in memory... In other words, he needs help. Lots of help. The Establishment failed to lure its first choice for a stalking horse, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, into the race. It has had to settle for three term Congressman Michele Bachmann and is busily engaged, through its media organs in pumping her up as the new Palin. Even some of the Conservative talk show hosts whom I respect (such as Mark Levin) have taken to lumping Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann (and even poor Herman Cain) in the same group of conservatives who are being ‘savaged’ by the Establishment. (Comparing the treatment received by Michele Bachmann with that of Sarah Palin--rendering it for all intents and purposes, equivalent--is like comparing some light hazing at the SAE house on a sunny Saturday afternoon to twenty years in the Gulag Archipelago).”
Poll Insider:
“Dick Morris Pro-Bachmann Bias Shows Twice... The media is trying to find a frontrunner not named Sarah Palin to take on Romney.”
Rob, at Joshuapundit:
“To those of you who thought Sarah Palin was too damaged by the Obama media hit teams to be a viable candidate, my response has always been that they were going to turn their guns on anyone and try to destroy them just as they did Governor Palin if they felt they were threatening President Obama's re-election. It's how the Angry Left operates... Notice that they're not attacking Mitt Romney much? It's because they don't consider him a threat and are holding their bile until they see if he actually gets the nomination.”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“Gingrich: Palin Made A ‘Strategic Blunder’ By Mocking Obama As A ‘Community Organizer’… And this is coming from the king of strategic blunders.”
“The recent case of the Alaska emails is instructive. The MSM, convinced that she must be some sort of extremist, engaged in a preemptive feeding frenzy of speculation about what might be found in the emails released under a Freedom Of Information Act request. What was actually found, of course, was what the average American would describe as entirely normal. Entirely normal. In other words, she's only ‘off the center’ when you look at the elite's Potemkin center. She looks to me to be pretty bang-on the actual center. And this is why she's so important. She is, so far at least, the only major politician... to expose the Potemkin village for what it is. The others - with the possible exception of Michelle Bachman, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry - are all ‘centrists’, which means that they're leftists... But what's been going on for decades is a battlefield preparation that intentionally and surreptitiously seeks to de-legitimitize beliefs that are held by the majority of Americans. And so far, Palin is the only one who's willing to call them on it. That's why they can't get over the 2 minutes of hate. And that's why she's so important.”
American Glob:
“Now That The Press Is Finished Scouring Sarah Palin’s Emails… Perhaps they could start looking at Obama’s… Private emails detail Obama admin involvement in cutting non-union worker pensions post-GM bailout…
Andrew Malcolm, at Top of the Ticket:
“In case you haven't checked Sarah Palin's Facebook page yet this morning, she offers an update about her canceled ‘One Nation’ bus tour. It wasn't canceled.
So, how to explain recent delighted doomsday media coverage: ‘Did the Palin bus tour run out of gas?’ or ‘Sarah Palin's bus tour: Have the wheels come off?’ The Republican former governor couldn't ask for a more cooperative media... Knowing that those five letters S-A-R-A-H or P-A-L-I-N drive huge online traffic, the disappearance of the media celebrity for even a short time offers an irresistible opportunity to speculate. Which, in turn, offers her the chance to generate more publicity by pointing out how wrong they are. Which is what she did again with delight Wednesday evening on Facebook.”
Fire Jim Moran:
“Sorry Media, Sarah Palin Bus Tour Is NOT Cancelled...”
John Hitchcock, at Truth Before Dishonor:
“Back in November, Ben Bernanke said of his QE2 printing press hyper-drive that his goal was 2 percent inflation. Sarah Palin said, in November, that it would cause inflation. We’re now officially at 3.6 percent inflation and that number is growing steadily and rapidly. Bernanke expected QE2 would weaken the dollar (it has) and improve our net exports. Sarah Palin said that any net improvement would only be temporary. Again, Sarah Palin was right. Bernanke expected QE2 to result in greater business investment. Sarah Palin said, in effect, ‘not so fast there, bub.’ And then she explained exactly why it wouldn’t work and exactly why businesses aren’t investing. And again, Sarah Palin was right. All the supersmart elite Leftists, such as Bernanke and Krugman and all the other Keynesians, mocked Sarah Palin’s pronouncements and said she didn’t know economics. The actual economic news on all fronts is totally ‘unexpected’ news to all the supersmart elite Leftist Expert Economists, but precisely what Sarah Palin predicted.”
Christiane Amanpour to Piers Morgan, about Sarah Palin:
“She has a lot of influence and she absorbs a lot of the media oxygen.”
Michelle Lancaster, at Big Government:
“I was fortunate enough to view a film screening of the unrated version of ‘The Undefeated’ - the Sarah Palin documentary... I was hopeful as the movie began, that ‘The Undefeated’ would somehow help in her vindication... As for the mainstream media, we all see how continue to promote attacks against Sarah Palin's viewpoints, beliefs, values and even go so far as to discuss how she speaks or what she wears as they dissect her every move... And then there's the good ole GOP. Their lack of chivalry, courage of conviction and honor are addressed in the film as well. As it should be... Take note elected officials, we are watching you too. Man up! Lead by example or we will vote you out. We can see 2012 from our homes... So, the big question at the end of the film is: Will Sarah run? We shall see. In the meantime, I can say with all my heart that ‘The Undefeated’ is a vindication for Sarah Palin. This is only the beginning of something bigger. Go see it. For America. Game on!”
Ron Devito at US for Palin:
“The movie also made painfully clear the forces arrayed against the former Alaska Governor, both from the left and the Republican establishment... and the parallels to President Ronald Reagan were striking and eerily Providential. One cannot walk away from that movie and not conclude that history is repeating itself. Her forebearer too was Undefeated.”
David Riddick, at The Aged P:
“Who are they, these Palinistas? Some, of course claim to know them. Palinbots, wingnuts, cultists….the list could go on and on – and that is just from some of the comments critical of Palin and her supporters at Hot Air, a leading conservative internet hang out... Palinistas... see in Palin a person from a modest background like themselves who has been mocked and demeaned because of that very fact. But, although their attacks drew blood the woman stood her ground and fought back – and every attack, every insult has become an endorsement, a badge of honour.”
“Palin May Be Up for an Emmy... Frankly, I really don't care if she wins, loses or is even nominated. Just as long as it annoys the Democrats and their media stenographers. Winning, of course, would be enjoyable if only to witness the apoplectic reaction...”
Anne, at BackyardConservative:
“More confirmation Obama losing women... It's been an issue for a while, presumably that's why the Dems went with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, despite her gaffes galore. (Let's be clear, though, she's par for the demagogue course for Dem congressmen) Republicans won women in the 2010 midterms and continue to go for that key swing vote... Women are watching closely because we are the ones most likely to take care of our children, worry about the prospects of our youth, and hold the hands of our elderly parents. With Palin's Undefeated coming out to substantive reviews... and Michele Bachmann announcing on Monday, TEA party women have a high profile. I hope Sarah Palin decides to run. She's been brave and she's been right.”
Exit Quote:Luke 7:31-35, in the Douay-Rheims Bible:
“And the Lord said: Whereunto then shall I liken the men of this generation? And to what are they like? They are like to children sitting in the marketplace and speaking one to another and saying: We have piped to you, and you have not danced: we have mourned, and you have not wept. For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine. And you say: He hath a devil. The Son of man is come eating and drinking. And you say: Behold a man that is a glutton and a drinker of wine, a friend of publicans and sinners. And wisdom is justified by all her children.”
- JP

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