Friday, June 17, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 311

"Sarah and The Sword of God" Edition

Mark Rhoads, at Illinois Review:
“Thinking about the latest incredible effort to fine comb thousands of Palin emails with almost nothing to show for it, I am beginning to wonder if their mindless obsession with Palin is really a form of class warfare by proxy? The Elites hate the the middle class value system that is indigenous to the fly-over country that Palin represents. Power, in the form of financial, cultural, and political dominance, on both the East and West coasts, is the secular God of most elitists. Power is also a jealous God that does not want any other Gods before it either, least of all the God of Abraham... The religious cultural values of Sarah Palin stand in solid opposition to the superstitions of socialism that so many wannabe elitists have sworn their supreme allegiance to... Attacks on Palin as a politician or personally are safe because they can camouflage attacks on the middle class in America that refuses to worship before the icons of socialist Utopia.”
Rock, at The Time Has Come Today:
“There is no other candidate, in my mind, than Sarah Palin. A leader like this comes along only every 100 years or so; I wonder if people understand that.”
Ron Reale, at Coach Is Right:
“They hate her because she does not need them, period. They need her, and that offends them. They think it is up to them to direct the path of politicians and the country as a whole. They will decide the issues, and to whom we should listen and for whom we should vote. Until Sarah... If the MSM fools really wanted to hurt her, they would just stop covering her at all…but they won’t, which proves Sarah Palin knows more about their business, and America’s need to have a clear voice this election, than they do.”
The Bear, at The Absurd Report:
“The MSM has been obsessed with Sarah to the point it can only be characterized as immoral psychotic syndrome.”
MikeM, at Confederate Yankee:
“One gentleman was talking about... the number of states he expected to visit. Quite innocently, I joked that he might take the Obama tour and visit all 57 states. Everyone present chuckled... except for one young fellow who was obviously unaware of the reference. I explained that it was a gaffe made by Mr. Obama during the 2008 campaign. He looked at me blankly for a moment, blinked, and in an excited, loud voice launched into a verbal assault on Sarah Palin! It was as though I had somehow thrown a secret Palin switch, which once thrown, required a complete, non-stop, pre-recorded recitation of Palin’s idiocy and all-around sub-human status... He became increasingly loud and incredulous in stating that Palin actually said that Paul Revere warned the British during his famous ride... his ultimate proof of her sub-normal IQ, and... clearly what he considered his most convincing proof. I... quietly pointed out that Palin was in fact correct... that numerous historians confirmed Palin’s accuracy. He stopped only long enough to blink, and then immediately continued as though the Palin switch had been interrupted for only a second and immediately reset. He continued for another few minutes, finally winding down—the recording apparently complete--and resuming his normal tone of voice and demeanor as we sat quietly, watching the spectacle.”
Max Emanuel Donner, at
“Palin’s statements are factually correct and the opposition research profiteers who made an issue out of them need to go back to school.”
Mark Levin, at Human Events:
“When Ken Vogel is not stalking Sarah Palin (here and here); Ginni Thomas (Clarence Thomas' wife) (here, here and here); the Koch brothers (here, here and here) et al., or regurgitating Anthony Weiner's attacks on a talk radio (among other outlets) advertiser like Goldline (here and here), Vogel is listening to talk radio and, amazingly, he learns, like tens of millions of listeners, that conservative organizations that want to build their membership base and promote a daily or weekly message about their works are actually advertising on talk radio shows. Here is his ‘breaking’ story. This is what passes as news on Politico.”
Scott Whitlock, at NewsBusters:
“According to MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, who last week seemed to enjoy correcting Sarah Palin for her historical ‘flub,’ President Lyndon Johnson ‘was never actually elected Commander in Chief.’ ... In fact, Lyndon Johnson won the 1964 election in a landslide, capturing all but six states.”
Dylan Stableford, at The Cutline:
Here's something you don't see every day: Jon Stewart defending Sarah Palin... ‘Where would Palin get this notion that we're hanging on every word she's said or written?’ Stewart asked, before playing a video montage of media outlets bracing for the release of a trove of 24,000 pages of emails she wrote as Alaskan governor. ‘Oh right. She got that idea because we are.’ ‘For some reason, the media went DEFCON 1,’ Stewart said, rolling clips of news outlets disappointed by the apparent absence of any smoking-gun revelations in the massive email dump. ‘In one segment, a CNN correspondent in Alaska describes an email from someone complaining, ‘Palin was spotted with Trig in a car not wearing an approved car seat.’ ‘That story better end with Palin getting out of the car and beating the woman with a tire iron,’ Stewart said.”
John Nolte, at Big Hollywood:
“Most surprising is that Jon Stewart doesn’t even take a back-handed shot at Governor Palin... The joke at Andrea Mitchell’s expense is especially note-worthy.”
“According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, the former Massachusetts governor, who's making his second bid for his party's presidential nomination, grabbed the support of 24 percent of Republicans and independent voters who lean toward the GOP, with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin at 20 percent, ahead of the rest of the field...The survey was conducted in the days following attention grabbing events from Romney and Palin, indicating they both received a bounce from their actions.”
“Sarah Palin now leads other candidates — announced and potential – among Republicans in the latest Economist/YouGov Poll. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is in second place...”
Gate, at NorCal Blogs:
“I believe that if the Alaskan Grizzly emerges unscathed from all the the hate, prejudice, and distortion that she has endured so far from those wishing for her downfall, then there will be no stopping her. Like a Mama Grizzly that awakens from her slumber in the spring after a long winter's nap, Sarah will emerge as the undisputed leader... There is no politician in America that the mainstream political world fears as much as they do Mrs. Palin... The truth is, had the MSM performed just half of the anal exam on Obama back in 2008 as they have on Sarah, then Hilary Clinton would have been John McCain's opponent. Plus, after he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, I am convinced he would have beaten Hilary... That is why they didn't investigate him. They knew that Hilary couldn't get elected, so they needed to play to America's guilt, and Obama fit the bill.”
Maggie, at Weasel Zippers:
“How To Get Around No Damning Palin Emails... Claim to be investigating some potentially missing files. I was expecting this.”
EH Vogel, at Generational Dysfunction:
“We can always depend on the mainstream media to seize on any angle in an attempt to denigrate Sarah Palin. Their new meme is that Michelle Bachmann has eclipsed Sarah Palin... There is so much wrong with this article... First, Whispers picks ‘smarts’ as to why Bachmann is better than Palin. Unfortunately, their definition of ‘smarts’ simply relates to the fact that Bachmann received two law degrees. Isn't this the last thing we need in the White House, another attorney? Second, regarding family, Whispers states that having raised 23 foster children ranks Bachmann ahead of Palin, even though they both have 5 of their own. If that were a true indicator of family strength, maybe we should hold up Osama bin Laden as the ultimate family man with the estimated 26 children he fathered with multiple, concurrent wives. Third, Whispers picks Bachmann over Palin in fundraising. This in itself is laughable since Sarah Palin actively campaigned for Bachmann during her 2010 re-election bid. Why do you think that was? But there you have it: the current lamestream media meme... For the record, Ronald Reagan attended Eureka College in Illinois, majoring in economics and sociology. Hmmm, no law degree?”
Exit Quote - Martin Luther King, via Paul Greenberg:
“Cowardice asks the question -- is it safe? Vanity asks the question -- is it popular? Expediency asks the question -- is it political? But conscience asks the question -- is it right?”
- JP

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