Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stephen Bannon to release an uncut version of 'The Undefeated'

On Hollywood's hatred for Gov. Palin: "It's hypocrisy. Let's call it what it is."
Stephen Bannon, director of "The Undefeated," plan to release an uncut version of his film about the emergence of Sarah Palin on the national political scene. That version of the documentary will present an uncensored look at what the filmmaker calls a "pop-culture beat-down" of the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate:
Although the film has been tagged with only a PG-13 rating for "brief strong language" by the Motion Picture Assn. of America, Bannon said he has created an explicit cut of the film that demonstrates that beat-down in more graphic terms. "I took out all sorts of violence and masked the vulgarity for the theatrical release because I wanted families to be able to see the film," Bannon told 24 Frames on Wednesday.

In the cut that will be shown in AMC movie theaters beginning July 15, Madonna, Louis C.K. and Pamela Anderson are among those shown in public appearances to be using epithets about the former vice presidential candidate.

Bannon said the new cut would feature things like "crucifixions, lynching and suicides," but declined to say who was behind these comments or where they appeared, saying only vaguely that they came from "Facebook and Twitter."

"People think Tina Fey is the worst of what's out there, and they have no idea," he said, referring to the actress' impersonations of Palin on "Saturday Night Live."


The filmmaker said his alternative version would be released to television via on-demand platforms and a deal with DirecTV. A spokesman for the satellite operator did not immediately reply to a message seeking comment.

Although many political figures have been attacked with hateful language and even threats on their lives, Bannon said he believes Palin has been a singular target of hatemongers.

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  1. I hope Bannon really brings it on as some Brit named Broomfield is making his leftist effort to affect American politics with a hit piece doc.