Monday, June 20, 2011

Mark Rhoads: The Republicrat Nomination Race has started

"The MSM premise that conservatives cannot win is wrong. They can and have and can again."
Some spot-on observations and good advice from Mark Rhoads at Illinois Review:
Every election cycle, the MSM tries to nominate it's own candidates for both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. It has already started this year. Yesterday on MSNBC, former Congressman Martin Frost (D-Texas) decided he wants to help the Republican effort to defeat President Obama in 2012. Not really. But he played his pretend role of neutral observer. He suggested that the 2012 race for president will be a close one and the Republicans might well win.

But, said Frost, "not if they nominate one of the fringe candidates" such as Bachmann, Cain, Palin, or Santorum. In other words, the MSM party line is shaping up as it always does, any candidate who is conservative is therefore by definition a "fringe" candidate as in too radical and too scary to be trusted with power. But, says Frost, if the GOP nominates Romney or Pawlenty or Huntsman (who?), the GOP nomination will be in nice safe moderate hands and the GOP can then beat Obama. The touching concern of the former House Democratic Caucus Chair for the welfare of the Republican Party might be surprising if it were not part of a very familiar pattern from the last fifty years.

Just as surely as one season follows another, the liberal Main Stream Media always tries to "help" the GOP find a nominee who is liberal enough to win and who will not be a captive of the far right.


Based on the early comments coming from MSNBC, it looks like the early favorites for favorable MSM coverage in 2012 will be Romney and John Huntsman, a former Obama appointee and Utah governor. Pawlenty might get some MSM bones from time to time. But as Martin Frost has already done, any truly conservative candidate will be labeled as a "fringe" candidate who cannot win the election even if they won the nomination. After all these years of the same MSM pattern of working for the most liberal GOP candidate they can find, if they can find one, GOP activists who run for delegate should be wise to the MSM nomination charade. So if you are running for delegate or alternate, turn off MSNBC and other networks who are trying again to nominate your candidate for President even though they do not have any votes at your convention. No matter who the GOP nominates to challenge Obama in 2012, the MSM will still be on the side of Obama when the chips are down. So why take their advice in the GOP primaries? They win and you lose. Contrary to the MSM mythology, the GOP record is that it more often loses with a moderate nominee than with a conservative one. Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, and John McCain were losers and not because they were solid conservatives because they were not. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were winners in 1980, 1984, 2000, and 2004 because the public belived they offered better policies for economic growth and national security than the Democrats could. So the entire MSM premise that GOP conservatives cannot win is wrong. They can and have and can again; whereas the liberal GOP candidates have a poor track record of winning in the fall no matter how well they go over with liberal editorial writers or the liberal polling companies.

Tome for Reagan conservatives to stand up and stop this madness. Don't let the left and its trained media lapdogs dupe the GOP squishes into letting them select our candidate for us again!

- JP

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