Sunday, June 26, 2011

Michael Moriarty: Sarah Palin ‘is’ America!

She is America at her most beautiful, her most honest, her most simply eloquent and her most resilient.
The debate has raged on for nearly three years now whether Sarah Palin is the new Ronald Reagan. At one time elder Reagan son Michael Reagan made that very case. Some others, many of whom were never counted among President Reagan's supporters, have scoffed at the idea. Michael Moriarty, in a new Big Hollywood opinion piece, argues that Gov. Palin is better than a new Reagan:
She is America.

“Sarah hasn’t even announced a run for the Presidency, Michael!”

She will.

“You’re sure of that?”



If she doesn’t run, she will never know whether she was right or not to run alongside John McCain in 2008. She’s a born competitor and to not run would mean she’s not really Mamma Grizzly. That would be an impossible reality for her to live with.

“What if they change her image to Mamma Fox?!”

Sarah doesn’t hide like a fox in a hole. She’s right through the front door. Without running? She would no longer be Sarah Palin. Besides, she’s still too young to play the wizened duenna to the Republican Party, merely advising them on political strategy. She’s a player.

She can win for sure.

Gov. Palin is the prescription for what ails America, says Moriarty, and he concludes that without her as president, the republic cannot rebound from the ravages of years of the sickness it has contracted from progressives of both political parties. She is “bold medicine” indeed.

- JP

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