Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 312

"Evil Woman" Edition

Bryan Preston, at The PJ Tatler:
“The real Sarah Palin emerges... And she’s horrible, just horrible. The emails that our media are diligently poring over to prove that we dodged a bullet in 2008, by putting the wonderful Joe Biden in the vice presidency, prove that Sarah Palin devised a wicked scheme involving Trig, who we all know thanks to commenter Truthseeker, isn’t Palin’s biological mother anyway. Neither she nor Trig are fooling anyone on that, anymore. Can no one save us from this evil woman?”
Nicole Coulter, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“Thank God the darker side of Palin has finally been revealed.”
Haystack, at Big Government:
“PROOF! Palin Is Evil…Or Something... If you believe everything you read, Sarah Palin is the worst thing that has ever happened to America... I love this woman, and whether she’s the right person to be our next President or not, she ought to be America’s SoulKeeper™ for what she endures and what she gives back in the abject lessons she’s helping us learn about how evil people really CAN be when someone comes along that doesn’t fit into their tidy little mold of how people should think and act. God bless her for that.”
William A. Jacobson, at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
“Sarah Palin passed on the opportunity to make the kind of insulting comments about Michele Bachmann made by Bachmann's campaign adviser Ed Rollins about Palin... She is classy, and understands that the way to defeat Obama... is not by insulting and demeaning other Republican candidates.”
Peter Roff, at U.S. News & World Report:
“Based on the available evidence, it is fair to conclude that the media’s treatment of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has had but one purpose: to discredit her. The elites—and not just the liberal ones—fear her... The media elites who craft the narrative for America’s political contests are deathly afraid that Palin, who maintains a considerable following among the electorate, might actually become president. The media culture is doing all it can to keep her out of the 2012 presidential race when, if she really were as dumb as they suggest—‘I can see Russia from my house’—you would think they would be doing all they could to get her in the race, so much the better for Barack Obama’s hope for a second term... The groupthink message, that Palin is just unacceptable as a potential president, is penetrating nicely among the voters that Obama seduced into voting for him last time.”
Bill, at BBCW:
“45% of the Republican establishment hope Sarah Palin doesn't run. Now why would that be? Perhaps, they fear she might push the party back to the conservative side and make them accountable for their promises of smaller government? Of course.”
John Kass, at the Chicago Tribune:
“It was what it was — a liberal media witch hunt. About the only thing they forgot to do was shriek, ‘Burn her! Burn her!’... Isn't it time we just abandon the pretense of objectivity in news-gathering when Palin is involved? The public surely picks up on the snarky tone in the coverage, that coiled seething media rage against Palin. But for what, exactly? Her fertility? Her femininity? Her pro-life views? Her ability to shoot and pray? And I've also seen seasoned journalists get as wiggly as puppies when President Barack Obama comes around. Their faces glow. Some even leave wet spots on the carpet.”
Wayward Ramblings:
“Governor Palin has simply been Governor Palin. No apologies. No pretense. No nonsense. Maybe that is a contributing factor to ‘Palin Derangement Syndrome.’ In a morally corrupt, scandal driven, tabloid media, a presence like Palin is rare. ”
Poll Insider:
“In a Public Policy Polling poll, we find that Sarah Palin remains the most popular (possible) candidate in the field. In fact, she is the only candidate with a favorability rating at least twice that of her unfavorable rating... Also, the establishment chorus of ‘she isn’t running’ has seemed to make a mark in the survey, as just 29% of Republicans think she will run. However 40% of Democrats believe she will run. Oh, how surprised someone will be! In primary poll, first we see Palin continues her momentum in new YouGOV/Economist data, and takes a 6% lead against Romney. She hits 20% for the 3rd time in the last 2 weeks, and this is the second poll showing her moving past Romney.”
Patrick Ishmael, at Hot Air's Green Room:
“Hot Air Approval Survey: June Results... 6056 total votes... Sarah Palin takes the top spot decisively.”
The State Column:
“Sarah Palin, who is not an official candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, took second and third in a series of polls that were released this week. In a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, Palin grabbed second place and, on Thursday, Palin took third place in a Public Policy Polling poll. Despite the fact that she didn’t attend the first major GOP debate on Monday night, Palin cemented her status as a contender this week.”
The Quotable Rogue, The Ideals of Sarah Palin in Her Own Words... edited by Matt Lewis... A good read and a good insight into Sarah Palin. I hope liberals will give it a chance with an open mind to read what she has to say.”
Sissy Willis, at Liberty Pundits:
“For nearly three years now all things Sarah Palin have been relentlesly savaged by a ‘lamestream media’ hard-wired to reject any member of the fair sex who isn’t buying — or selling — the postmodern feminist party line of woman as victim and identity politics as savior. Palin’s agile mind and servant’s heart eluded not only the usual suspects on the left but — more revealingly — many among America’s ‘Ruling Class,’ members of the Northeast Corridor Conservative fuddy-duddy community for whom being a member of the tribe trumped any interest in the conservative cause. But now some of those former fuddy-duddies are peeling off, taking a fresh look at Palin and liking what they see …”
Reverend Amy, at Rabble Rouser Ruminations:
“How much have you heard about the death threats revealed in Sarah Palin's emails since their release? Probably not much, I would wager... I continue to be amazed at all this woman has endured, and with such incredible strength, determination, and even good humor.”
Jeff Goldstein, at Protein Wisdom:
“It is profoundly saddening to me to reflect on what the media — and many on our own side — have tried to do to this woman, who clearly embodies the very principles conservatives and classical liberals claim to embrace and fight for, and who is clearly (in my mind) qualified to lead this country back from the brink of socialist hell, so comfortable and committed is she to constitutional authority, and so battle-tested is she after having had to endure a 3-year pop-cultural attempt to destroy her and her family. I hope in their most private moments, Kathy Griffin or Andrew Sullivan or Janeane Garafalo or Jen Rubin — and a host of others I can name — feel wash over them the sudden rush of shame and embarrassment they so richly deserve.”
Exit Quote - Ecclesiasticus 15:18, in The Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible:
“Before man is life and death, good and evil; that which he shall choose shall be given him.”
- JP


  1. JP, I found the source of the Exit Quote here of interest - on my mother's side, I have traced a branch back to Thomas De Douay, b. 1582, St. Python, Nord, France who moved to Hanau, Bavaria, where he died im 1636. His grandfather was Gregoire De Douay b. 1490, d. 1539. While landed gentry I have no clue if they were involved with the university. Back to the present - it's an excellent quote! Thanks.