Friday, June 17, 2011

Quote of the Day (June 17, 2011)

Don't Doubt Me! A Brand-Name Conservative Will Clobber Obama
Rush Limbaugh:
“So here's Rasmussen saying 45% of Republican primary voters don't want her to be the candidate. They love her, they think she's great -- and she can probably be a king- or queen-maker, and it's hard to see any Republican winning a nomination unless Palin is somewhat supportive, but we don't want her to be the nominee... If Sarah Palin, as a candidate, can't win, how in the world does she help anybody else by supporting them? ... I am not disputing Rasmussen. Because, as you know, I'm not a professional pollster, but I don't get the disconnect. To me it is a disconnect. On the one hand: Love her be, love her feistiness, love the way this woman takes on the media -- we love her issues -- but don't want her to be the nominee. But, boy, whatever the nominee is can't get anywhere unless she supports 'em.... Fascinating.”
- JP

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  1. There are a lot of disconnects when it comes to Sarah Palin. Two books on the Best Sellers List with millions of copies sold, she gets about 6 times the internet traffic than the other candidates combined, she has going on 3.2 million fans on Facebook, more than 3 times the number that Romney has, and he's the closest one; she has the highest favorable rating than any other republican. I'm sure there are more.

    Essentially, we are being told, "don't trust your eyes, listen to us," when it comes to Palin.