Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 316

“Keep your lamp burning” Edition

Patrick S. Adams, at Liberty's Lamp:
“Despite what the punditry told us, and despite what the media said, a supposedly unpopular, unelectable dunce named Ronald Reagan was elected president in a landslide... Sarah Palin could have left liberty’s lamp on the ground and walked off to her own personal castle after cashing in on the fame (and notoriety) of being the first female Republican vice presidential candidate; she didn’t. She could have given us the Italian salute and raked in the royalties from Going Rogue before hitting the rubber chicken circuit to collect her speaking fees. She didn’t. She didn’t have to become a political activist on Facebook and Twitter. She didn’t have to raise money and help the Tea Party win elections in 2010. Instead, she carries liberty’s lamp. She is the beacon of light that many on our side refuse to see. Like those who followed the other group to the wrong side of the ship in the Poseidon Adventure, there are Republicans who don’t want to believe that Sarah Palin is the answer and the way to victory... She's been vetted. All the other Republican candidates are fresh meat. Their garbage cans have not been sifted through, nor have all their skeletons come out. Those who think the media won't do to them what they did to Palin are mistaken. With Palin, we know what we're getting.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Palin Twibe:
“If everyone would have stood behind Sarah Palin after the media tried to destroy her two and a half years ago, we’d have a front runner.”
Dewey Whetsell, at Restless Brain Syndrome:
“I recently read a report by Atlantic’s Tina Dupuy on her interview with Stephen Bannon and her viewing of his Palin-support film ‘The Undefeated’. Following her report was a comment from another ‘intellectual’ female who showed even more disdain for Palin’s intellectual capacity than Dupuy’s. About 50 years ago I read a rather smug comment made by some 19th century Frenchman . He commented that America has no culture because America has no philosophy. Then some American replied that we do have a philosophy, and it’s called ‘pragmatism.’ Now, intellectualism is based on philosophy … how one regards the world around him. There are a number of impressive intellectuals who were spawned in the 19th century; thinkers like Herbert Spencer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Huxley (Aldous’s grandpappy), Karl Marx whose primary activity was to sit back and ponder. Based upon the rewards of a probing mind--and little else—they became highly regarded as some of the West’s greatest thinkers. But they all had one thing in common: Everything they touched turned to sh*t…sh*t that others would have to clean up. Who were these ‘others’? The pragmatists, that’s who. Palin is a pragmatist and is rooted in an unshaking sense of right and wrong.”
Clay Waters, at NewsBusters:
“NYT Editor Keller Confesses: Media 'Would Recoil in Horror' from Palin Presidency... Keller is probably right on his Palin-Obama prediction; as the Media Research Center outlined in a May 1996 report, reporters confessed to voting uniformly Democrat by a ratio of around 10-1...”
Jack Coleman, at NewsBusters:
“Stephanie Miller loathes Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and one of the ways she expresses her contempt is through ludicrous speculation. On her radio show last week, for example, Miller and her producer, Chris Lavoie, along with actor Hal Sparks, took a gratuitous whack at Palin and Bachmann... How do we know Palin hasn't had an abortion? Because when she was pregnant with her fifth child and he was diagnosed with Down syndrome, Palin took the road far less traveled. In this circumstance, more than 90 percent of expectant mothers undergo an abortion. If Palin were inclined to have done so, this would have been when, and none of us would have ever heard of Trig Palin... Palin and Bachmann have raised 10 children between them -- with Bachmann also adopting -- while each woman is still married to the man she married decades ago. I'll stick my neck out and venture to suggest that abortion leads to fewer children, not an abundance of them.”
Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters:
“MSNBC’s Ed Schultz on Tuesday badly mispronounced the last name of Constitutional lawyer and conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly. Rather deliciously, this occurred in a segment wherein the pompous, know-it-all host was once again mocking the intellectual capacity of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin...”
Warner Todd Huston, at Chicago Now:
“The Atlantic assigned third string reporter Tina Dupuy to handle the RightOnLine retrospective... Dupuy goes on to snark about some of the speakers at RightOnLine. Andrew Breitbart, as always, came in for some lefty hatred, as did the beautiful Michelle Malkin and videographer James O’Keefe. Dupuy was also unhappy that Michelle Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty had the gall to show up at an event in their home state. Then came this garbled ‘fact’ by the inimitable Dupuy: ‘Most tellingly, there’s what looks like a shrine to Sarah Palin, a 5-foot tall painting of the governor in the hallway of the event space.’ Untrue. The painting, painted by patriotic artist Steve Penley, was actually a door prize for a lucky participant at RightOnLine. It had nothing to do with any ‘shrine.’ But snarkily saying ‘Palin shrine’ appealed to the extremists better than ‘door prize,’ I guess. So, much for serious ‘reporting.’ ... Dupuy’s piece failed nearly every test of good journalism. Sadly, this is what passes for journalism these days. No wonder the profession is dying.”
Thomas Gann, at The Battle Of Atlanta:
“The new Zogby poll... and all others are absolutely meaningless until either Sarah Palin and Rick Perry decide whether they are going to run or not. Either one or both of them will dramatically alter the shape of this race.”
Merv, at PrairiePundit:
“Sarah Palin is a mainstream conservative. Her positions on the issues are not that different from most conservatives. So what the Times is doing is hitting her as a means of slandering all conservatives. It is also clear that she is someone liberals fear the most because she will not be cowed by them into accepting liberalism. The frenzy over the emails was seen as another opportunity to destroy her politically. It did not work, but they are not going to leave her alone as long as she is a viable candidate, which she still is.”
The Ignorant Fishermen:
“Sarah Palin is that leader in whom God has seemed to have risen up to stand for the vision that our founders once possessed. She possesses all of the founding father's American qualities and is the right leader for the right time.”
Fran Eaton, at Southtown Star:
“Indeed, few, if any, political women in our day have been slandered, ridiculed and lied about more than Sarah Palin. And that’s why director Stephen K. Bannon teamed up with producer Dan Fleuette to make ‘The Undefeated,’ a documentary about Palin’s accomplishments in Alaska... And while Palin’s story is likely not to be wildly embraced in Barack Obama’s hometown, open-minded people should be brave enough to at least investigate her. While you may not like Palin’s politics, you will find yourself admiring her stamina, courage and forthrightness. And being from Illinois, where such bold examples of positive leadership are few and far between, learning the truth will be refreshing and invigorating to the soul. It was to mine.”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“Bristol Palin Rips Meghan McCain In New Book As Snobby, Non-Stop Complainer… Good for her, McRINO’s daughter has been making a living off bashing the Palin family.”
Daria, at The Conservative Diva:
“I’ve always admired Bristol’s ability to maintain her composure and dignity — not to mention hold firm to her pro-life beliefs — while the traditional media absolutely savaged her family (of course while also leaving the Obama children alone). It must have been tough enough to deal with an out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy without having to endure the sick attacks perpetuated by nutcases like Andrew Sullivan, ‘Trig Truther’, who in his anti-Sarah Palin swamp fever derangement, seems to think Bristol has the ability to defy the laws of medical science and biology.”
Michael Goodwin, at
“Keller's piece on Palin, disguised as a thumb-sucker about her relationship with the media... explains the nasty treatment Palin got during his tenure. He sent reporters to Alaska to dig for dirt on the birth of her last baby in 2008 and recently invited readers to play journalist with her e-mails during her time as governor.”
B. Daniel Blatt, at Gay Patriot:
“It seems that Sarah Palin arrived just in time for the Bush-hating left. just as the much... maligned President of the United States was preparing to head off into a constitutionally-mandated retirement, his political party nominated the charismatic governor of Alaska as its running mate. And ever since, those who once projected their inner demons on George W. Bush found a new target for their wrath. He might be going into retirement, but they would still have a Republican to revile... Maybe if they had actually bothered studying her record as governor of the Last Frontier, they might realize that she reached across the partisan divide to accomplish real change for Alaska, where she was, to borrow an expression, a kind of a post-partisan politician. They wouldn’t have been so dismayed had they taken the time to study her record and considered her accomplishments, instead of viciously responding to her nomination.”
Exit Quote: Ronald Reagan, to the Republican National Convention, Aug. 17, 1992:
“Whatever else history may say about me when I`m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears; to your confidence rather than your doubts. My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty`s lamp guiding your steps and opportunity`s arm steadying your way.”
- JP

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