Sunday, June 26, 2011

'The Undefeated' has the left reeling

They are scrambling to get an anti-Palin film out
Stephen Bannon's "The Undefeated" hasn't even had it's world premiere yet (that comes Tuesday in Pella, Iowa with Todd and Sarah Palin attending), but already it has the anti-Palin left in a mad scramble to try to counter it. The left is so fearful that the truth about Gov. Palin's good governorship of Alaska, as revealed in the reels of "The Undefeated, will beat down three years of media lies about her that leftist filmmaker Nick Broomfield is rushing to complete an anti-Palin counterpart to Bannon's film.

Broomfield's hit flick will include clips of such notorious anti-Palinites as the governor's former legislative director John Bitney, whom she fired for betraying her trust, and former Alaska Senate president Lyda Green, a longtime Palin political enemy. A previous Broomfield film, "Battle for Haditha," leaves little doubt of the political perspective from which he's mounting his cinematic assault on Sarah Palin. Author Robin Mullins Boyd debunked some of the many lies told in Broomfield's "Hadditha" in a 2007 blog post:
One of the favs at the Toronto Film Festival is the disgusting movie, Battle for Haditha, by Nick Broomfield. Reviewers are marveling at the "dramatization" and lauding the performances. BUT NOT ONE has questioned the events as depicted in this tripe of a movie. To rub salt in the backstabbing wounds, former Marines portray the real Haditha Marines to add realism to this piece of fiction.

You know you're a hit with the anti-war, anti-American, anti-military crowd when you get a review on the World Socialist website.

Getting rave reviews from fellow leftists doesn't necessarily put people in the theater seats, and that is ultimately the measure by which the hit flick currently being shopped by Broomfield in Los Angeles will have to compete against "The Undefeated," which has a big head start, thanks to distribution deals with Cinedigm Entertainment Group and AMC Theaters.

Broomfield's panicky response to Bannon's film was as predictable as night following day. Whenever the rare news article which treats Gov. Palin fairly pops up, the media left counters with ten Palin hit pieces. For every blog post which shows her in a positive light, the leftist blogs respond with a hundred dark attacks on her and her family. For every book which is favorable to the former GOP vice presidential candidate, the left cranks out an anti-Palin volume. If the anemic sales performance of the books which attack the governor are any predictor, Broomfield's film will be a colossal flop and another EPIC FAIL of the anti-Palin left.

- JP

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