Monday, June 20, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 314

"Every move she makes" Edition

Bill Garvin:
“So exactly why was there a school of thirty-strong press piranha in Alaska and what did they find? Given that volume of information, with their flesh-eating press corps, with their enlisted army of ‘citizen readers’, surely the piranha feeding frenzy would find a smoking gun, a sinister cover-up, a shadow government, evidence of malfeasance and hopefully, criminal wrongdoing. In fact they found…NOTHING! That is to say, they found nothing of substance to support their preconceived biases and further their vindictive assassination of all things Palin. What they did find was evidence of a very hands-on and knowledgeable Governor in Alaskan oil and gas policy and its relationship to United States energy independence. They found someone who was very interested in conservation and fish and game issues. They also found a hard working Governor who not only pursued ethics reform but took on a wide range of corruption in Alaskan politics including some in her own party. She was a tireless advocate for smaller, more efficient government and for second amendment rights despite a plethora of death threats against her... If Sarah Palin is truly irrelevant as the supposed intelligentsia and ruling class claim, why are they still suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome and why are they addicted to ‘every move she makes and every breath she takes’? ... Apparently they are incurably addicted and are nothing more than malevolent Palin-hating junkies of the worst order.”
Dave Blount, at Moonbattery:
“If establishment media propagandists have been able to convince people that Sarah Palin is stupid, imagine what they could have them thinking of the Moonbat Messiah if he weren't their guy...”
Mark Whittington, at Yahoo! News:
“Bill Keller, the executive editor of the New York Times... whines about Palin for saying this, ‘It is our vets who we owe our freedom -- not the politician, not the reporter -- it is our vets, so that's why we're here.’ ... Keller is so obsessed with Palin's disdain for the media, that he will not even take this mild point lying down. He claimed that her remark was automatic, like ‘acid reflux’ and that, ‘Perhaps one key to Palin's dislike of the news media is a streak of intellectual insecurity, or a trace of impostor syndrome.’ This bit of psycho babble may meet with approval in the liberal salons that Keller frequents, but it is met with puzzlement by people who have followed Palin's career. She has taken on and defeated far more formidable opponents than the ink stained wretches of the mainstream media. Keller went on to trot out a standard attack line from the left directed at a modern conservative: Sarah Palin, you're no Ronald Reagan. Bill Keller as a born again Reaganite is a charming thought, but one that strains credulity. Palin has a lot of the qualities that Keller belatedly ascribes to Reagan. That he does not see it makes Palin's point that the media is irrational concerning her very eloquently.”
Rick Richman, at Commentary Magazine:
“But unknown to the intellectually secure Keller, Palin’s remark was a reference to Charles M. Province’s poem, ‘It is the Soldier,’ which Sen. Zell Miller (D-Ga.) recited during his 2004 keynote address at the Republican Convention...”
Bob Montgomery, at Unified Patriots:
“Bill Keller pretended to be a newspaper editor and now, in addition to pretending to be a writer, has the gall to pretend to be a psychologist and use Piper Palin as the poster child for the entire Sarah Palin enigma that Keller cannot, and never will, understand. In so doing, he is no better than the ones who used Bristol Palin to get at Sarah. In fact, he is worse, because the bloom came off the elite media’s meme about Sarah Palin two-to-two-and-a-half years ago. And not only that, the dirt, shame, scandal and humiliation that was supposed to show up on Palin’s balance sheet as a result of the Times’ and Post’s and others’ ridiculous and transparently malicious crusade for ‘the e-mails’ failed to materialize, and the whole world now knows that, in fact, Sarah Palin might just be the most honest, respectable, sincere, capable and modest politician and erstwhile officeholder in modern history... So for Keller to do what he does now can mean only one thing – he is of a singular mind to destroy a woman, and is callously uncaring about collateral damage; indeed has a soul that allows him to mouth concern for the victimization of a child, while in the next breath uses that child’s much younger sister to destroy their mother.”
“What Bill Keller doesn't know, apparently, could fill up an entire op-ed piece. Or a newsroom.”
Sunny Black, at The Darjeeling Express:
“So, Mr. Keller goes on and on about Palin’s disdain for the media. Is this really worthy of the op-ed column of a once proud newspaper? Politicians having an adversarial relationship with the people who cover them ( at 11)? No one really cares about the New York Times not getting along with Sarah Palin. But the timing is unusual coming a couple of weeks after Palin’s Memorial Day media blitz when she completely pwned, used n’ abused, and played the mainstream press. Keller even acknowledges this (...bold added for emphasis): ‘The press, I think, returns her antipathy in part because she makes us feel ridiculous.’ And I suspect the media embarrassment Keller and the entire MSM feel is what this entire silly and sad op-ed is truly about: Sarah Palin kicked our a**, wah! wah! wah!
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“Don’t worry, liberal media bias is still just a right-wing myth.”
Chris Kobus, at theblogprof:
“The man stepped right into it with his clown shoe. Sure he’s not the only one, but the fact that he came out with his piece several days later where one would assume some hindsight on the matter as opposed to the hacks that knee-jerked via their keyboards, sheds quite a bit of light on the magnitude of his own partisan hackery and Palin Derangement Syndrome alike... Keep in mind that Pitts blamed Palin for the Gabriel Giffords shooting in Arizona earlier this year: Leonard Pitts Jr: Sarah Palin was ‘theme music’ to Arizona shooter. Democrats and GOP need to sit together at SOTU address to counteract it or something. Even ultra-liberal TIME Magazine admitted that blaming political rhetoric for the shooting is ‘completely idiotic.’ That’s one thing I agree with the mag on. Pitts is at least a half bubble of plumb. The egg on his face over the latest journalistic fiasco won’t help in that regard.”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“Deepak Chopra puts on a great show that he’s some kind of spiritual guru, but at heart, he’s really just your typical angry conservative-hating leftist... Of course, this isn’t the first time the far left crank attacked Sarah Palin.”
Peter, at Tax Lawyer's Blog:
“For a man who claims to abhor hatred, bigotry, judgmentalism and incivility in public discourse Deepak Chopra sure is hateful, bigotted, judgmental and uncivil... And it’s not just Sarah Palin His Deepakness hates and judges... Apparently, the Yogi of self-awareness refuses to see his own hypocrisy. Despite his claims to the contrary, Mr. Chopra is clearly not one of the ‘sane and civil among us’ who are trying to ‘end the war of words.’ In fact, he is one of the main combatants in that war. And that, my friends, makes him just another left-wing hypocrite.”
Karnival, at Indefinite Roaming:
“For the record, Sara Palin does not call anyone who disagrees with her a socialist. Just President Obama. Deal with it, punk.”
Doug Book, at Coach Is Right:
“Anyone not convinced of the abject terror Sarah Palin instills in members of the American media needs only read the brief, L.A. Times reflection on the former Governor’s released emails... Imagine the giddy, Christmas morning type expectations of drooling journalists when 24,000 pages of Sarah’s most intimate, previously private correspondence were dumped on a desk in Juneau by Alaska State officials last Friday. So certain were these Sherlocks of the airwaves that they finally held the key to Palin’s ultimate destruction, a number of media moguls even advertised for help from viewers/readers to wade through the mass of paper. But in the end, liberal heads exploded in frustration as Sarah Palin was discovered to be an honest, hard working Governor. No schemes, no criminal enterprises, no racist tendencies, no theft nor lies, no perverse photo attachments or clandestine trysts. So what is a tragically despondent media to do? Attack, disparage and mock, of course!”
Rob Hoey, at Brain Flushings:
“Sarah Palin may or may not run for president; that`s her choice. But whether or not she runs, she sure as hell gave the media a run for their money--or at least their volunteers that didn`t get paid. And they deserved everything they`ve got.”
Peter Ingemi, at Datechguy's Blog:
“There are a lot of people with their hands out waiting for Sarah Palin to run. They are political consultants, staff folk etc, people who make big money as consultants pocketing the contributions that ordinary Americans and rich donors make to campaigns. Sarah Palin has made more money in the last two years then she did in the time before the 2008 elections. If she runs she will draw an incredible amount of campaign donations from people who love her and these guys are looking at those figures and dividing by 3. I want Sarah Palin to run not because she is the only great choice to be the president this country needs... but I think she is the best choice as a leader to take the country in the right direction. That’s why I’d like her to run. Unfortunately I suspect a lot of professional consultants, including some close to her, want her to run because they see a meal ticket that will keep them in cigars and whiskey for years.”
Exit Quote: Mark Twain, in his 1873 "License of the Press," speech:
“It seems to me that just in the ratio that our newspapers increase, our morals decay. The more newspapers the worse morals. Where we have one newspaper that does good, I think we have fifty that do harm. We ought to look upon the establishment of a newspaper of the average pattern in a virtuous village as a calamity.”
- JP


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