Monday, June 20, 2011

AWR Hawkins: Think Big, Re-Elect President Palin, 2016

The author sees the way everyday Americans listen when Sarah Palin talks, and how she relates to them
Military historian and Ph.D. (Texas Tech) AWR Hawkins surveys the political landscape and figures that things don’t look very encouraging for President Obama. Yes, it's the economy, as high unemployment and fuel prices are two things Americans just can't "get used to”, as Obama has decreed we must. As we cut our budgets and do without, the slacker in chief hasn't even tried to feel our pain, as Bill Clinton did, or at least said he did. Ten vacations a year via Air Force one and 70-plus rounds of golf are just two of the signs of his arrogance.

Amazingly, the first lady seems to have forgotten about all those vacations and doesn't seem to know that hubby is sneaking off to the golf course, because she recently said, “This man doesn’t take a day off.” She must not watch the news or read the papers. As for the president, he recently said that he, Michelle and the girls could live with it if he becomes one term president. Hawkins is also okay with that idea:
My point is not simply that Obama is out of touch and beatable, but that he is way out of touch and extremely beatable. Not, of course, by some moderate Republican, but by a conservative Republican: and particularly by Sarah Palin.

Although her bus tour is over, the media still can’t let her go. Now they’re all busy letting us know how her bus tour didn’t help her numbers at all or trying to somehow persuade us that John Ziegler’s opinion matters. I’m sorry, but I see the way people listen when Palin talks, the way they react when she shakes hands with them, and the genuine love for country she displayed in her 24,000 emails the mainstream media thought they could use to bring her down.

In case you missed it, one thing the mainstream media did learn from Palin’s emails was that she agreed to have a baby shower thrown in her son Trig’s honor, with the caveat that all the gifts would be donated to military families. So on August 15, 2008, while Obama was counting up the number of golf courses he could visit if elected president, Palin was in Juneau, Alaska, holding her little boy in her arms and saying “thank you” for gifts that were sent to “the military families of wounded service members deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom.” (I hope Chris Matthews and that Keith guy who used to have a show on MSNBC are reading this.)

In subsequent news, Rasmussen recently released poll results that show “a plurality of Republican primary voters think it would be…bad for the party if…Sarah Palin joined the field.” And I couldn’t agree more if, by “Republicans,” Rasmussen means those folks who gave us presidential candidates Bob Doyle and John McCain, and who probably would have been dumb enough to give us presidential candidate Mike Huckabee if he hadn’t bowed out earlier this year.

Palin is very bad for the Republican establishment. And that’s why the same Rasmussen poll which showed that a plurality of Republicans view her entry into the race as a bad thing also showed that a plurality of Tea Partiers view it as a good thing. And that’s definitely the best thing.

If you don’t believe me, just reflect on the 2010 midterm elections, where 30 of the 43 House candidates endorsed by Palin won and 7 of the 12 Senate candidates endorsed by Palin won. These victories represented both a humiliating defeat of Obama’s party and his policies, as well as a wake-up call to “a plurality” of moderate Republicans who thought the way to win was by moving to the center.

Hawkins, who sees Obama for what he is and Gov. Palin for what she is, concludes that there's nothing to fear. Declaring that it’s time to "think big," the author is calling for the re-election of President Palin in 2016.

- JP

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