Friday, June 17, 2011

Lisa Mei Norton's Review of ‘The Undefeated’

"Sarah Palin IS The Undefeated."
Here are some key excerpts from Lisa Mei Norton's review of the documentary film which speaks the truth about Gov. Palin to the corrupt Obamunist media's lies:
Sarah Palin IS The Undefeated.

By the time you finish watching this superbly scripted and produced two-hour documentary about the former Alaskan Governor, if you don’t come to that conclusion, you were either asleep during the film or you still believe that “Community Organizer” trumps true executive experience and success as qualification to serve as America’s Commander-In-Chief.


As the film takes us through the fascinating journey that is Sarah Palin’s highly successful political career in Alaska, it is clear to see she has always been a tough-as-nails executive who understood her role as a servant for the people during her time as Mayor of Wasilla, as Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Chairwoman, and as Alaska’s most popular Governor. We see her take on the Republican establishment, big oil, corruption, ethics reform, and tax reform and stare down the ugliness and smears she faced from her political foes and the mainstream Alaskan media with uncommon valor and a fierce, tenacious spirit. She, like a Marine, always ran toward the danger instead of away from it and took on the huge issues nobody else dared to. With every new challenge the naysayers claimed there was no way she could do the job, that she was not strong enough, that she lacked the “gravitas”, and didn’t have a good understanding of the issues. She proved them all wrong…and remained undefeated.

She didn’t just talk the talk…she walked the walk. When it came to fighting corruption within her own Administration, she said “In politics you’re either eating well or sleeping well”. She always chose the latter.


This is a must-see film that “Palinistas” will absolutely love and will allow Palin skeptics to see what the media has so successfully isolated — hidden in plain sight. I dare you to go see it.

A special screening of "The Undefeated" is just hours away for the The RightOnline conference, a convention of conservative bloggers tonight in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, Stephen Bannon, the force that is bringing the two hour documentary to the screen, has a team on the ground in Iowa scouting possible venues for the premiere of "The Undefeated" next month:
The filmmaker behind a new documentary on Republican Sarah Palin said Friday his team is scouting Iowa farms, town squares and other casual settings for the upcoming premiere of "The Undefeated," a movie that has contributed to fresh speculation about her 2012 plans.

Stephen Bannon said he wants to debut the film somewhere that captures the "Iowa-ness of it all" and connects it to the message of populist "grit and tenacity" he's delivering about Palin. It traces Palin's life from before she became Alaska governor past her GOP campaign for the vice presidency and aims to explain how she became a face for the tea party movement.
- JP

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