Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pella Prepares for a Palinfest

“It will be unlike anything Pella, the area of Pella, has ever experienced.”
Sarah Palin returns to Iowa for the first time in seven months today as she and husband Todd will be at the Pella Opera House for the world premiere of the documentary film “The Undefeated”. KCCI-TV's Emily Price reports:
Management at the Pella Opera House found out just four days ago that they were chosen as the venue to host the premiere. The theater only seats 324 people, but it's about to have millions of eyes watching.

“It will be unlike anything Pella, the area of Pella, has ever experienced,” said Pella Opera House board president Larry Peterson.


“I think it's gotten a lot of attention. Not just national media will be here but a lot of international media as well,” said filmmaker Steve Bannon.

Bannon told News Channel 8 that before the sun comes up on Tuesday the major network morning news shows will be in front of the Opera House doing live reports. By sundown, he said, more than 50 media outlets will have written, broadcast or posted online about what happened in Pella.

“Well, we're very proud to show it off,” said Pella Opera House Interim Director Beth Hill.

After the movie premiere, 1,000 people will attend a barbecue with Palin. Filmmakers said it's exactly what Palin wanted.

“I told the team I think that it was in Pella and at the Pella Opera House that really, I think, grabbed her imagination,” Bannon said.

The former candidate for vice president will sit several rows back with her husband, Todd.
There are, of course, no tickets available for the movie or for the barbecue. Bannon and his team selected the historic Pella Opera House over some 200 other venues across the state to be the site of the world premiere of their film. Opera House management didn't even know that their theater was being considered for such an event because the filmmakers kept it a secret.

h/t: M. Joseph Sheppard

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  1. Showing up Bachmann in her own backyard, that's terrific. Then a quick raid into Minnesota to sign books, where she will, once again, upstage Bachmann, and Pawlenty at the same time.

  2. I agree this is Going to be a Great movie GO Sarah Go!!!!http://freedomist.com/2011/06/warner-todd-houston-interviews-palin-movie-director-steve-bannon-the-undefeated-movie/