Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Caffeinated Thoughts: Palin Documentary Sets the Record Straight

"It was well done, and worth the watch."
Our friend in Iowa Shane Vander Hart was one of the 300 who filled the Pella Opera House for the world premiere of "The Undefeated" while some 700 more people outside made their way to the Molengracht for the post-screening BBQ dinner so well organized by Organize 4 Palin. Here's an excerpt from his review:
I was struck by my emotional reaction to the opening scene. I was angry. I was angry at how Governor Palin and her family was treated. I was angry about how many in the Republican establishment remained silent while she was savaged. I’m not talking about pointing out policy differences or criticizing her record, but rather the personal attacks that she experienced day in and day out after she picked as Senator John McCain’s running mate.

It drove a narrative which in turn distorted her record. That is what this movie is trying to correct. Most of the movie is about her time as Mayor of Wasilla, how she helped to bolster the infrastructure and in doing so, helped to create an environment where small businesses could develop jobs. She did this while cutting taxes.

It showed her as a reformer, unafraid of standing up to Big Oil, and corruption within her own party. She resigned as a oil and gas commissioner out of principle in order to stand up to ethics violations which then Governor Frank Murkowski turned a blind eye to. When she ran for Governor, she not only beat an incumbent Governor in the primary, she then went on to beat former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles.

The movie did a great job pointing out her legislative accomplishments...

Shane also had the presence of mind to capture most of Gov. Palin's impromptu remarks inside the Opera House as the closing credits rolled by on the screen. You can view that video and read his full review at Caffeinated Thoughts.

- JP

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