Monday, June 20, 2011

Quote of the Day (June 20, 2011)

Rant for 6/20/11
Bubba, at Facts Are Stubborn Things:
“On the topic of idiocy, a$$hats, moonbats, and hippies, there is an offensive piece of what passes for liberal ‘thought’ published at the HufPo about Sarah Palin. Read it at your own risk, and it might be a good thing if your rabies shots are up to date. The highlight of the offensiveness is this line- ‘President Palin would lead us through a national cleansing, like Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Nothing as violent, however, not at first.’ Isn’t that just great? Comparing Sarah Palin to a communist dictator and mass murderer? For the record, the deaths caused by Mao’s ‘cultural revolution’ range from 2 to 7 million people. But at least this idiot doesn’t think a President Palin would be as violent…at least not at first. You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t know who the idiot is that wrote that insane screed but I think a compelling argument could be made for him being involuntarily committed to a lunatic asylum. The left has been attacking her mercilessly since McCain picked her for his running mate, and now it seems that each attack is more insane that the last. I’m starting to think that if she actually decides to run for the nomination about half of the media will die from either a stroke or heart attack on the spot.”
- JP

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  1. Bubba, Bubba, Bubba ! The socialists/liberals/democrats have good reason to be frightened.

    My dream - that Sarah Palin leads her followers through a great cleansing, the likes of which have never been seen since Genghis Khan. Sarah Palin will unite We the People under our Constitution and with our freedom lead us to defeat our enemy Socialism/liberalism/big government/ slavery.

    1. Sarah Palin will invade Washington like Genghis Khan and bring about repeal of Obama Care. Of course there would a great cleansing of Health and Human Services with Sebelius and other persons captured or evicted. Perhaps then Palin would get Congressman Ryan to do his thing and a much needed great cleansing of Medicare , our budget , and our existing debt would be accomplished.

    2. Sarah Palin and her hordes will sweep across the nation cleansing it with “Drill baby Drill”. Shale oil and gas deposits might be cleansed by fracking. Offshore deposits cleansed by deep drilling. The land would be further cleansed with the needed building of refining capacity ( we haven't built a refinery in the USA in over 25 – nearly 30 years). All this cleansing would be connected by additional pipelines ( perhaps the Palin hordes would even build pipe manufacturing plants in USA ). The enemies of the USA at EPA, DOE, and BOEMER are wildly frightened of Palin and her followers. Maybe they become unemployed. Millions of citizen workers could be employed . Our nation would be secure from the threat of petro- dictators.

    3. Sarah Palin and her hordes of followers will invade Wall and Main Streets to cleans the USA financial and commercial territories. Palin will cleanse by closing Fannie and Freddie . She will further cleanse by reinstating Glass - Steagall. She will further cleanse by making transparent the Federal Reserve. Dodd – Frank is a joke, even Paul Volker knows it. The enemies of USA currency could be captured or evicted.

    4. Sarah Palin will further cleanse the USA by securing the borders, by enforcing the existing customs, immigration, and naturalization, laws. Perhaps 2- 7 million illegal aliens will choose to evacuate the country. Perhaps 2-7 million illegal aliens will be deported. Perhaps 2- 7million will remain in prison for their crimes. Deaths – naw - I doubt it.

    5. Sarah Palin would subject the nation to an administration with common sense. That could spill over to the Supreme Court and all other government departments. Could a liberal survive such atrocity?

    I agree the guy is over the top comparing Sarah Palin to Mao. Mao is a communist. The writer is frightened with good reason.