Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sarah Palin: Obama has no desire to move to center

"It’s a lost opportunity"

On "Follow The Money" with Eric Bolling Monday night, Gov. Palin told the Fox Business host that President Obama needs to pivot away from his far left positions, move to the center "where the American public expects him to be in order to get the economy moving again" and cut the deficit:
“It’s not good for anybody in our country to hear our President obstinately denying the need to move to the center away from his far left policies that are going to lead to some European-style socialist agenda that is going to destroy the economy. It’s a shame; it’s a lost opportunity. He needs to go to the center and do what works and that is get back to free market, economic principles.”
The former Alaska governor said that it will be the nation's governors who will have to get the economic recovery going:
“Governors are going to tackle this problem and not wait for the feds to try and fix anything. The feds keep screwing things up... A lot of us conservative governors vetoed those [federal stimulus] funds. We were overridden by even republican-led legislatures to accept the funds anyway and now look where we are two years down the road.”
The 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate called for pension reform, but added that people who are already receiving pensions should not have to pay the price:
“A pension is a promise. You can’t take that away from people who have already paid into the system, but you gotta stop the bleeding right now and change the system for the new... Our states are tens of billions of dollars in debt, essentially with the obligations they have to the pensions. It has to be reformed otherwise our states, every single one of them is going to be bankrupt.”
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