Monday, February 7, 2011

Quote of the Day (February 7, 2011)

Like the media, leftist Davis just makes things up
Calvin Freiburger at NewsReal Blog:
“Wait a minute—Reagan was against hunting? If that sounds surprising, that’s because Davis simply made it up. In a May 1983 speech before the National Rifle Association, the president called 'America’s sportsmen, hunters, and fishermen' the nation’s 'foremost conservationists of our national resources,' and said he 'deeply appreciate[d]' the NRA’s efforts to teach children 'marksmanship, firearms safety, and some of the values and ethics of hunting and the outdoors.' In the same speech, Reagan also laments 'a kind of elitist attitude in Washington that vast natural resources must be locked up to save the planet from mankind.' Reagan would most likely say that, by hunting, Palin was participating in a proud, valuable American tradition; if he would find anything 'baffling,' it would more likely be how little his own daughter understands his views.”
- JP

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