Monday, February 7, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 212

"Selling Out England by the Pound" Edition

Midknight Review:
"Understand that the fact that Obama decided to use British secrets as bargaining chips speaks volumes about his continuing and unspoken feud with Great Britain. He has an ax to grind with the Brits... Obama's first act of foreign policy as president... was to send a bust of Winston Churchill... a gift from Great Britain, back to that country -- over their insistence that we keep the gift... And Britain took the return as a clear insult... On January 11 of this year, Obama named France as our closest European ally -- another slap in the face to Britain. While the Left busies itself making fun of Sarah Palin, we have this, one of the more profoundly idiotic statements of all time: 'We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.' Incredible... And now, this business of ratting out the Brits in a deal with America's avowed enemy, Russia. But, of course, Obama no longer believes Russia is an enemy. That explains this latest act of stupidity."
Henry D'Andrea at Politicons:
"The YAF choose Conservative icon, Sarah Palin to keynote the event. And she did very well speaking at the ranch... I found the speech to be very Presidential and a great commemoration to the life of former President Ronald Reagan."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"Palin pointed to the failed progressive policies of green energy. How are we to produce jobs in a green economy that has failed throughout the world? She pointed to Spain, a country that was once epitomized by the left as the blossoming of a new government produced sector of jobs that will 'clean the planet' while providing citizens with jobs. In fact, it has burdened the economy of Spain that is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy with huge deficits and unemployment at over 20 percent."
M. Joseph Sheppard at A Point of View:
"Sarah Palin... made the speech of a lifetime which equalled, if not surpassed her Vice President acceptance speech at the 2008 convention."
Tyrone at Wake up Black America:
"Sarah Palin gave a great speech [Friday] at the Reagan Ranch Center... [It] was so good that even the media had to admit her speech was 'Reaganesque' in nature. It must have been heart breaking for the media to not be have been able to take Palin's words out of context... Liberals despised Reagan, and liberals loath Palin. Reagan believed and Palin believes greatly in American exceptionlism. Just like Palin, Reagan wasn't liked by the inside establishment of the Republican party. These GOP insiders are the people who act fake in celebrating Ronald Reagan's birthday today, but tomorrow will go right back to claiming that the era of Reagan is over. As long as people like Sarah Palin are around, Reagan's message will never die and the GOP will never be able to remove itself from the influences of Ronald Wilson Reagan."
Conservative Critic:
"The junior Reagan is a strong liberal and an athiest – which tells us volumes about his real qualifications to evaluate not only his father but the conservative Christian Palin."
Left Coast Ledger:
"Let me get this straight. Junior whores himself out to a publisher with a scandalous piece of trash he tries to dress up as a tribute to his father, and he wants us to believe that Sarah Palin is only honoring Dad for the money? For the record, Junior does this on the anniversary of his father’s birth every year. For—you guessed it—money. Last year he took a shot at the tea party and Palin, and in 2008 he told us all how Ronnie would have voted. Patty Davis is up to this, as well, but she obviously couldn’t get a book deal this year. Two slacker scions of one of the greatest Americans in history, who were embarrassed be mentioned in the same breath with Ronald Reagan when he was president, are all of a sudden authorities on everything from his opinions to his medical history? The very idea that either of them would presume to know what their father’s conservative views would be about the tea parties or Sarah Palin is laughable. What we are pretty sure of, though, is that President Reagan wouldn’t be consulting the family ne’er-do-wells for advice."
Brad Wilmouth at NewsBusters:
"On World News Saturday and on Sunday’s Good Morning America, ABC continued to quote liberal commentator Ron Reagan’s recent criticisms of Sarah Palin without reminding viewers of his liberal political views and history of attacking conservatives..."
Jay Tea at Wizbang:
"Personally, I only see one potential candidate that really reminds me of Reagan in any significant way. That's the candidate who's talked about as seriously below average in intellect, who utterly polarizes most people into passionate support or hatred, who speaks in a relaxed, folksy, easy-to-understand language, who has a religious faith that their detractors love to mock and challenge, and even served as governor of a very large state. But that's hardly enough to crown Sarah Palin as The Next Reagan. What Reagan was -- and what we need -- is another American original."
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"No wonder they hate her. Sarah Palin absolutely dismantled the president and his failing big government policies in her speech... at the Reagan Ranch Center. It was a beautiful thing. Sarah Palin was at her best [that] night."
Mark Whittington at Yahoo! Blogs:
"Television producer Diane English has a plan in case Sarah Palin runs for president. In that event, she will attempt to bring back her hit series 'Murphy Brown,' which ran in the late 1980s and for most of the 1990s. The idea, apparently, would be for a six-part miniseries in which Murphy, the fictitious acerbic, uber-liberal television host, would wage a campaign against Sarah Palin... Instead of Murphy Brown, I would revive another fictional TV journalist in response to a Palin presidential run. Her name was Mary Richards, the main character in the 'Mary Tyler Moore Show,' which ran for much of the 1970s... She was a much more pleasant person to have in one's living room than Murphy Brown ever could be... Instead of a local TV news show in Minneapolis, I would have Ted and Mary as co-hosts of a show on a fictional cable news network. My preference would be something like Fox, partly because Ed Asner, who is nothing like Lou Grant, would spontaneously combust."
Opaque Transparency:
"Just imagine, if you will, if Sarah Palin had made statements even remotely resembling the statements of Frances Fox Piven."
Sam Norton at Gandalf's Hope:
"The world is crying out for a US that lives out the exceptional path... This needs a leader that embodies that higher path and is able to call the United States to its own highest values and ideals. This needs a leader with proven courage in standing up against vested interests. This needs a leader with grounded attachment to moral high ground, most especially in a faith which enables a discrimination between the true light of the world and worldly pretenders to that light. There is, of course, one person who fits that bill. The... governing class recognises that existential threat and is thereby doing its damndest to destroy that threat, through a consistent and co-ordinated campaign to defame and demean Sarah Palin... This does not mean that Palin is perfect and without flaws and weaknesses. It does mean that here we have someone who may just possibly be the last best hope for US exceptionalism."
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"Like it, or not, CPAC is increasingly seen as of DC. Palin is not. I'm not surprised that she took a pass, and I'm pleased that she did it with grace. OTOH, I also get her PAC being there. That makes sense. It's business, of a sort, after all."
James Otteson at Pileus Blog:
"Why is it, exactly, that so many [liberals] hate Sarah Palin? ... Don’t say that she isn’t very intelligent. She obviously is... Don’t say she doesn’t have enough experience to be on the biggest of political stages. She has more executive-level experience than our current president had... I find it hard not to appreciate her accomplishments. She rose, after all, from humble beginnings to become a city council member and then mayor; she then became the first female governor of Alaska; and she was the first female vice-presidential nominee on the Republican ticket and only the second female vice-presidential nominee in American history... But relentless ad hominem attacks, derisive mocking, contemptuous condescension, vilification, and grotesque fantasies about violence done to her, her family, or her supporters? That has no place in civilized discourse, and people looking for climates of hate to oppose would do well to begin there."
- JP

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