Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 208

"Can't Quit Her" Edition

"It took the Washington Post a mere nine hours before churning out their first Sarah Palin item of the day, on the very day their own Dana Milbank said he'd be beginning his month-long boycott of all things Palin. Well, he just can't quit her. He lasted until 3:45 pm. 'I survived Day One of my February Sarah Palin moratorium, defeating the evil plans of ABC News's Rick Klein.' Um, no, you didn't survive, idiot. You already lost."
Vicki McClure Davidson at Frugal Café Blog Zone:
"If you’re mentioning her name to talk about NOT mentioning her by name… well, you can’t miss the hypocrisy, I’m sure. You know I’m right, Dana…"
Sandra Fish at Politics Daily:
"She's written two best-selling books, starred in her own TV series, 'Sarah Palin's Alaska,' and creates her own words... There's even a Sarah Palin comic book. The 2008 vice presidential nominee is a newsmaker, for heaven's sake. How can we possibly ignore her? ... Frankly, there are some men [we] would like to ignore this month instead... Dana Milbank. He's the easy one on our list. He isn't all that interesting. Everyone from Fox News to Mediaite is making fun of Milbank for his 'No-Palin February.'"
Denny at Grouchy Old Cripple:
"The next time that Chris Matthews calls Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann stupid, ask him where the Panama Canal is."
Tom Maguire at JustOneMinute:
"One More For The 'Only Stupid If Sarah Does It' File... Rachel Maddow plays the fool as she and her crackerjack staff fail to distinguish between truth and satire... Maybe the Palin 24/7 network could dial it back a bit and wait for Ms. Palin to actually say or do something before commenting on her. Oh, what am I saying?"
The blogprof:
"Rachel Maddow - giving lamestream media it's meaning. Some policy 'wonk' she's turned out to be, complete with her not knowing that the US Constitution has a preamble..."
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"It seems grossly unfair to criticize Rachel Maddow for falling for a bit of satire. The very notion that she's a legitimate source of political information and commentary is satire writ large and in bold. Reporting as satire isn't only her whole shtick, it's right in line with the whole MSNBC Lean Forward branding nonsense, don't you think? I don't see any point in criticizing her for doing precisely what's she been paid to do at MSNBC all along."
John Hudson at The Atlantic Wire:
"C'mon people. Google searches! They're not that hard."
Pat at The Pitty Pat Papers:
"Rachel, really honey, you lost your credibility a long time ago. I would have thought you'd at least try to be a little more careful, what with MSNBC being sold recently and some folks around you being chopped. (Sorry, was chopped too harsh in this new climate of civility? uuhmmm...I mean cut. No, darn, that's too scarey, too. uhmmm....let go. Ahh...that's better.) Fake news relating fake news. Something like the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert shows. Sad thing is, the liberals today don't seem to have a filter to know what's news and what's comedy. They actually get their news from people like this."
FreeThinkerNY at Weasel Zippers:
"Let us imagine Joy Behar with her mouth sewn shut…"
Sal at Axis of Right:
"It is becoming clearer and clearer that, not only do Liberals not believe in the Constitution, they don’t even know what it says... The House, the Senate, and the Executive. The three branches of government according to Chuck Schumer... Sad that I even have to point this out, but if a sitting United States Senator doesn’t know this, I feel I must. Now, I am waiting to hear the same State-Run media outcries against Schumer for his lack of intelligence as I have heard against Sarah Palin for her supposed slip-up on the Bush Doctrine (which wasn’t really a slip-up, but don’t tell the media that). I won’t hold my breath."
United Citizens Council at Tyranny Sentinel:
"One of the digs at Sarah Palin is that she quit her job as Governor of Alaska; I hope those people aren't supporting John Huntsman. John Huntsman quit as Governor of Utah to work as Obama's Ambassador to China. Now he is quitting that job to run for President."
Ken Homa at The Homa Files:
"Palin got criticized last week for her reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. She simply noted that the President coined the slogan “Winning the Future” … and suggested the obvious: perhaps we should all start wearing buttons with the slogan’s initials 'WTF'. Well, liberal pundits hammered her for being crude and divisive. Hmmm. They didn’t squawk when Vice President Biden called ObamaCare a 'BFD'. Double standard, anybody?"
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:
"Why They’d Rather Talk About Sarah Palin (Cont’d): Nearly 11 Percent of US Houses Empty." via Facebook:
"The Presidential Straw Poll... Thank you to everyone who voted in January 2011! ...the results:
Sarah Palin - 22.27%
Mitt Romney - 14.48%
Ron Paul - 11.52%
Mike Huckabee - 10.76%
Newt Gingrich - 10.03%
Herman Cain - 7.14%
Chris Christie - 5.55%
Tim Pawlenty - 3.02%
Jim DeMint - 2.97%
Mitch Daniels - 2.90%
John Bolton - 2.57%
Undecided - 2.55%
John Thune - 1.55%
Haley Barbour - 1.03%
Rick Santorum - <1%>"
- JP

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