Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 207

"Pigs on the Left Wing" Edition

Van Helsing at Moonbattery:
"It looks like the 'civility' piously demanded by elitist moonbats in the wake of the Tucson Massacre has made it to Montana... As the Wall Street Journal points out, Missoula is hardly the only place the infantile yet condescending artsy-fartsy community indulges in inappropriate attacks on its perceived enemies in the culture war. The lectures we've been receiving from moonbats about civility in political discourse are like having to listen to a sty full of pigs grunt through dripping mouthfuls of slop about the need for better table manners."
Marooned In Marin:
"So when liberals issue death threats, it's called 'satire,' just like films, books and paintings illustrating the assassination of President George W. Bush was called 'art.'"
Steve Mac Donald at Live Free or Die:
"The left is chock full of violent musings they can’t seem to keep a lid on, one of which just made an appearance at a Children Theater in Missoula, Montana... Progressive calls for civility are no different than their calls for bi-partisanship, cutting spending, keeping lobbyists out of the White House, Pay-go, or even the US constitution; there are exceptions–those things were never meant to limit democrats... No one just throws together a play in a few days. There are usually weeks or months of auditions, readings, rehearsals, set construction, so you have to wonder…was the line about beheading Palin added to the script before the Tuscon shootings or did they add it after? And does either circumstance make them more or less the raging violent, clueless, hate-mongering hypocrites they continue to show themselves to be?"
Jack Kemp at American Thinker:
"I'm sure the wife and family of the late Daniel Pearl, whose death was dramatized in the movie 'A Mighty Heart,' would also fail to see the humor in this joking about beheading Sarah Palin."
Northern Exposer at Conservative Jedi:
"The left keeps on track with their version of civility. Apparently death threats to Conservative public figures doesn't count, especially a certain female conservative. Man! What has this woman done to warrant such hatred and fear? And where is the talk of left-wing vitriol? What happens if and when harm comes to her? What lefty will stand up to this? How much sleep will be lost a Camp Liberal? How much celebration?"
Dan Ford at the Warbird's blog:
"Um, how do Gail Collins and the ever-so-sensitive editors of the NYT plan to make Ms Palin go away? Not with the flick of a limp hand, I don't think."
Rob Houck at No2Marxism:
"Palin is the object of unwarranted hate. The Leftists who accuse her and other conservatives of committing hate speech are bitter, angry socialists who exude hate, and lack logic and intelligence. Those idiots in the media, the bone-headed sheriff in Tucson, among others, are out of their minds if they think that Palin, the Tea Party, Michele Bachman, or any other conservatives had any influence over that deranged shooter... As I've said before, they despise the Constitution, freedom and individual liberties. They also hate conservatives because most are people of faith"
David Riehl at The Riehl Renegade:
"Sarah Palin never called for the death of anyone... Sarah Palin has never called for violence, but for people to fight with their votes for what is right."
Greg at Rhymes With Right:
"Remember that guy... who threatened to blow up the mosque? Well, some inconvenient truths have emerged about him that make the effort to blame 'hate speech from the Islamophobic Right' an utter failure. Let's look here...
1. Hates George W. Bush and threatened his life.
2. Claims to be a Muslim out to commit jihad.
3. Angry at government agencies that he feels aren't doing enough for him.
4. Crazy as a loon.
By my calculation, at least three out of the four would put him in the Democrat column... So once again, there is no way to pin this on Sarah Palin, Fox News, the Tea Party, or anyone else on the right. Well, at least not if you are going to be intellectually honest about things."
"Great News: Tracy Morgan Escalates His Creepy Obsession With Palin... This is likely a career move for Morgan. The next job he loses he can just blame it on Palin."
Blackiswhite at Nice Deb:
"In my short life, I have never seen any political figure treated the way she has been. And I have never witnessed anyone so relentlessly pursued in private life. And it seems to me that it isn’t because they want us to pick her because they think they can beat her. I think it is because she is the opposite of everything they hold dear, and they know it, and that she represents the best chance we will have in a long time to break their hold on power... I don’t want regimented thinking in the Oval Office anymore. I don’t want any more Ivy League lawyers who believe that nothing is beyond their expertise. I want someone who has integrity. I want someone who doesn’t shy away from a fight, and refuses to have other people tell them HOW to think. I want someone who is willing to lead not one segment of society, but our entire nation. If Sarah is the best candidate to do this, then she gets my vote, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to just let the self-appointed cognoscenti decide for me, nor am I willing to let myself be bullied by the self-appointed deciders on our side of the aisle either."
Smitty at The Other McCain:
"Given a challenge by Sheppard to write a poem for Sarah Palin... I should like to submit: Haiku Sonnet For Sarah Palin..."
David Limbaugh at Creators.com:
"Though tolerance is not the highest virtue and hypocrisy is not the lowest sin, liberals have a dearth of the former while demanding it and an abundance of the latter while forbidding it. Washington University's withdrawn speaking invitation to Bristol Palin is a textbook example both of liberal intolerance and hypocrisy... Washington University student liberals showed their ugly side in this sordid episode -- displaying their intolerance for certain people and ideas in the name of tolerance, and their rank hypocrisy in the name of banning hypocrisy. Sadly, they're too eaten up with their own self-righteousness to see through their mirrors clearly."
The Conservative Pup:
"The only purpose and intent that I can see that NOW now has, is to attack successful women who don’t need NOW. Especially Sarah Palin. She drives them absolutely nuts."
Idaho Conservative Blogger:
"For the life of me I don’t understand why Meghan McCain appears on television and radio as a pundit. I take it back, I know why the Liberal channels invite her on, She trashes Republicans.... Complaining about Palin, 'I longed for a simpler scene and a simpler running mate; a straight ahead and experienced politician like good, old Joe Lieberman, who always kept it real and didn’t make himself the center of drama or chaos' ... It appears to me the biggest Drama queen was Meghan McCain... My goodness, McCain seems to be the Paris Hilton of politics. Famous for her family name, not for anything she had done. She is a spoiled, self-absorbed, conceded, narcissist."
- JP

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