Monday, February 7, 2011

John Nolte on Palin, Sorkin and 'The Social Network'

The screenwriter's obsessively dark rage towards Gov. Palin hints of deeper issues
After watching “The Social Network” again, after screenwriter and admitted cicaine fiend Aaron Sorkin’s "obsessively dark rage towards Governor Sarah Palin," Big Hollywood Editor-In-Chief John Nolte sees an entirely new misogynistic subtext in a story "that even some liberal critics found unsettling" because it portrays women in such a degrading manner:
The furor has has since died down, but immediately after the Oscar-nominated film was released more than one critic pointed out that the female characters in “The Social Network” are mostly beautiful sluts, beautiful crazies or barely-clothed set dressing always getting high or drunk and more than willing to give it up on their knees in a men’s bathroom. There’s also the main character, Facebook Co-counder Mark Zuckerberg, who’s portrayed as a insecure man seething with hostility towards women, especially after he’s dumped by his girlfriend in the opening scene. Sorkin would have us believe that what drove Zuckerberg to create Facebook was a desire to prove himself to that very same girl, while in reality Zuckerberg claims he was with the same girlfriend he has now during that time — an Asian girl named Priscilla Chan (and it’s a couple of Asian girls who take the worst beatings in Sorkin’s film).


Sorkin punts and blames all of Harvard for what many perceived as the film’s disturbing misogyny (but I thought Harvard was a progressive school?). You see, it’s not Sorkin who has hostility issues towards women, he was simply portraying reality, portraying how intellectuals are bitterly angry that all the pretty girls still want nothing to do with them even though they perceive themselves as Masters of the Universe. Insert: record scratch.

In light of Sorkin’s seethingly vitriolic personal attacks on Governor Palin, does that sound a little close to home?

Since October Sorkin has launched three (that we know of) rages against Palin, none of them based on substance, all of them deeply personal.

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