Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Product Review: The Definitive Sarah Palin 2011 Wall Calendar

Meet the new calendar, same as the old calendar
A little over a year ago, we reviewed "The Definitive Sarah Palin 2010 Wall Calendar" from Cafe Press, and we were not impressed. Our main criticisms were:
None of the photos selected for the calendar are anything we haven't seen before, and -- the Vogue photo excepted -- they obviously were not selected to present the best Sarah Palin shots that were available, but apparently the easiest ones to obtain legally (i.e., least expensive to license).

Although Don Surber opines that it "looks authorized," at $19.95 retail, this calendar doesn't seem to us to be much of a bargain. But those who absolutely must have every bit of Sarah Palin memorabilia on the market will buy it without batting an eye.
Fast forward a year, and "The Definitive Sarah Palin 2011 Wall Calendar" is now being sold by Cafe Press. Most of what we said about last year's version can be applied to the 2011 edition. It even uses the same Vogue photo from the 2010 calendar again for the month of December. It's a great photo, but a new calendar should have newer photos.

Last year we opined that for Christmas gift shopping, Gov. Palin's first book could be bought for less money than the 2010 calendar. Like Going Rogue, her second book America by Heart has a "street" price lower than what Cafe Press is asking for the 2011 calendar, and the Sarah Palin follower who hasn't obtained a copy of the new book will appreciate it more as a Christmas gift, in our opinion. If the person you are shopping for already has Rogue and Heart, much better gifts than this calendar can be found at Cafe Press and elsewhere

- JP

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  1. As the premier Sarah supporter, I can not recommend this calendar for the reasons you specify. The photos are all on the internet, and in fact I have a few of them on some of my Sarah posters now.

    Sapwolf Recommendation: Pass on this one guys and gals and save the money for when Sarah announces her POTUS run.