Friday, December 3, 2010

James Lewis: Sarah Palin's Charisma

Today's GOP establishment would fear Reagan because they couldn't control him
It's not only the left and the media left who are driven to derangement by the charismatic Sarah Palin, observes The American Thinker's James Lewis. Today we are seeing the GOP establishment displaying the same symptoms:
While you're thinking about the next election, just enjoy the sight of Sarah Palin's charisma. Ronald Reagan had it. Obama lost it. No other Republican or Democrat in sight has it. Sorry, guys and gals, but it's true. Romney looks like a department store dummy. Palin is alive. You can see Romney thinking about every syllable he speaks. Palin's a natural.

This may be the crucial time for history to produce the woman, a critical time for a charismatic conservative to reverse the damage done by the Left. The single most important fact is that Sarah Palin can communicate. She can talk to the American people without talking down to them. She can have a real conversation, and it is high time to have a good talk with the American people. George W. Bush is a man of honor and character, but Bush knew his own limits. He could never explain himself the way Reagan did. Bush Sr. had exactly the same limitations.


Old Republicans like Karl Rove are running scared. I'm sorry to see it. Rove attacked Christine McDonnell in public the day before the last election, when he knew he could do the most damage. That makes him a back-stabber when it comes to the constitutionalist Republicans. Too many millions of conservatives are now noticing the selfishness of the old Republicans. If the old establishment stabs the constitutional Republicans in the back, we voters will take note and keep them out. Even Barbara Bush, the matriarch of the Bush clan, has destroyed our affection for her in a single public sneer. Ed Rollins has exposed his affinity for establishment Republicans. No longer. The voters are finally watching.

We are seeing a fight within the Republican Party, but this is nothing new. Ronald Reagan was defeated by establishment Republicans before he won the nomination. Today, the establishment would be running scared about Reagan, because he could not be bought and controlled. This is happening all over again. Reagan defeated Bush I for the presidency, and Barbara Bush may harbor an old grievance about that. Well, so be it. Constitutionalist conservatives are awake and keeping score.

Conservatives want a constitutionalist president like Reagan. The left has had its Marxist president for a time. They want party line rule over America; but America may have something to say about that before it surrenders to the new power class. Expect big fireworks from the left, and be prepared to give them as good as you get.


Expect all the Establishment forces to fight against a constitutionalist conservative for president. It scares them more than a Marxist in the White House.

That's all you need to know about them.

- JP

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