Friday, December 3, 2010

Jacobson: The GOP Can't Win Without Palin Supporters

Run, don't walk, away from Ed Rollins and others who demean Sarah Palin
William A. Jacobson comments on Ed Rollins' line of attack on the Mama Grizzly, i.e., "Palin, I knew Reagan. You're no Reagan":
Rollins was Mike Huckabee's campaign manager in the 2008 cycle, and guess who Rollins thought was the next Ronald Reagan:
"Governor Huckabee has probably inspired me as much as Ronald Reagan. He had an ability to connect with people and he was a great communicator. I've looked for a long time for another candidate to do that.

"People are always asking: 'Who's the next Ronald Reagan?' Well, I was with the old Reagan. I can promise you that this man comes as close as I've ever seen."
Prof. Jacobson says he has nothing against Gov. Huckabee, but by calling attention to Rollins' equating of Huckabee with Reagan, he exposes Rollins' own bias and the likely motivation for the unprovoked attack on Gov. Palin.

More importantly, the good professor offers some friendly advice to all viable Republican candidates, advice which we believe should be taken seriously by their various operatives as well:
Run, don't walk, away from Ed Rollins and the others who think that demeaning Sarah Palin is the best way to advance your campaign.
Jacobson points out that to insult Sarah Palin -- as did Ed Rollins and Vichy Joe Scarborough -- is to "seriously misread the Republican electorate":
Without the enthusiasm of Palin supporters the Republican Party is nothing moving into 2012.

The campaign troops who will be in the field, on the telephones and at the fundraisers in 2012 will be the same troops who fought the 2010 campaign war. And those troops weren't carrying Mitt Romney, or Mike Huckabee, or Newt Gingrich signs.
Without the enthusiasm of Gov. Palin's supporters, warns Jacobson, the GOP "is nothing moving into 2012." That does not mean, he explains, that Gov. Palin is entitled to nomination or that her backers make up the majority of the Republican Party:
It does mean that the Republican nominee cannot win against Barack Obama without the enthusiasm and support of Palin supporters.
In other words, poking Gov. Palin and her troops in the eye is not exactly a good political career move for would-be Republican candidates and their would-be staffers.

- JP

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