Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Alicia Colon Doesn't Like About Sarah Palin

The author of this Irish Examiner opinion piece eventually admits that her title was conceived to snare Palin-haters into reading her pro-Sarah article. Once lured into her clever trap, Ms. Colon hits them with both barrels:
I can't recall in my long life so many Hollywood and television celebrities opining so fiercely about a political candidate as the following did on Sarah Palin: Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Maher, Chevy Chase, Lindsay Lohan, Susan Sarandon, and many, many more. Then of course there was Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live whose line, "I see Russia from my window," was falsely attributed to Palin.

Most of these intellectually challenged celebs have based their negative opinions on Palin on falsely attributed quotes that were generated by a satiric blog-

This site claimed that Palin's church believes that dinosaurs were on earth 4,000 years ago and that Palin does not believe in evolution. The blogger then wrote "Disclaimer: She didn't actually say these things - I made them up. But thanks for all the visits."

The fake stories persist along with the criticism that Palin is not very bright which is laughable. Matt Damon may have played a genius in the film, Good Will Hunting, but I doubt he's accomplished as much as Sarah Palin.

Alaskans share in the oil revenue and that state is one the richest in the nation with a huge surplus in its treasury.

Each Alaska resident gets an annual rebate from state oil revenue, and in 2008 Palin added $1,200 more to the $2,100 check each person received.

Contrast that efficiency to the state of California where most of these celebrities live and is nearing bankruptcy.

So what is it that Ms. Colon does not like about Gov. Palin? She thinks Mama Bear tends to growl a bit too loudly at Tea Party events. Otherwise, the author writes, Sarah Palin is "absolutely magnificent."

- JP

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