Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dana Loesch: Left Goes Texas-Cheerleader-Mom on Bristol in DWTS

They finally hit that level of no-shame desperation
Dana Loesch, who danced competitively as a young girl growing up, recalls "those hair-sprayed school days" in a Big Journalism opinion piece. Loesch writes that the flashback was triggered when she learned that Bristol Palin had received death threats for making it to the finals on “Dancing with the Stars”:
Dude, I thought. They finally hit that level of no-shame desperation. The left has gone all Texas cheerleader mom on Bristol Palin.

Sally Quinn rah-rah’s this outrage and her latest column reads more like dictation from a stage mom running down the Palins on behalf of liberalism.


I can’t tell you how much this cracks me up. There’s this story occurring right now in my hometown about massive questions surrounding voter fraud – and how the political dynasty here bucked the city board of elections to hire its security firm to police the polls in a city where dead people turn up all like “Thriller” on election day – but NO. The tea party must be cheating on a television reality show about dancing!


A dude shot his television because she advanced to the finals. Because she’s getting death threats (two things which Quinn conveniently left out of her column. I guess that’s commonplace in the competitions she watches.) I want Bristol Palin to win because the left is so demonstrably bigoted, so prejudiced, so hateful, they’ve attacked this girl and said she faked her pregnancy, they’ve attacked her for being a teenage mother, for being a teenage mother who kept her baby, for running down every single choice she’s made in the public spotlight – and not in the spotlight by her choice, mind you. The left bears such a hatred for her mother that they’ve been gunning for Bristol Palin long before she was cast on “Dancing with the Stars,” and long before Sally Quinn turned a more light-hearted Annie Wilkes on her in a column. Progressives have been holding “Vote Against Bristol” parties. I hope the right goes shamelessly ACORN on DWTS voting. Apparently, it matters more to the left than actual for-real voting.

- JP

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  1. What do you think Sarah's chances are in 2012?

    I've got my fingers crossed, sincerely.