Friday, November 26, 2010

Simmons: Holding Sarah Palin to Her Promise

Sarah Palin, we need you to serve -- and for that, we need you to run
Robert Eugene Simmons Jr. has an outstanding opinion piece at American Thinker making the case for holding Gov. Palin to her promise to run for president in 2012 if no one else is willing to do the job and deal with the problems facing this republic:
Sarah Palin is one of few politicians who have fearlessly taken on the establishment, both Democrat and Republican, with a consistent message about the enforcement of the constitution and the returning of government to the people.

However, the need to curtail the aristocracy isn't the only issue that drives the need for President Palin. There are other lesser-known politicians who have taken on the establishment, such as Chris Christie. However, only Palin has shown the charisma and powerful speaking skills that can pack an auditorium to a sold-out crowd ten minutes after announcement. Unlike Obama, Palin is an old-style speaker, referring to her notes and adding in her own personal touches. She doesn't usually need a teleprompter because she believes what she says. Most politicians, on the other hand, say what they feel is popular at the time; their speeches are carefully prepared by experts and preened to play to the latest polling data. Palin is a rare person in politics who speaks from the heart.

Mrs. Palin also has a unique trait that comes with few politicians of our time. That is the ability to see that the law is done regardless of her personal beliefs. Personally, I am an agnostic and libertarian, and when I see that she vetoed a law that denied benefits to same-sex couples in Alaska -- not because of her religious beliefs, but because it was unconstitutional according to the Alaskan constitution -- I stand up and cheer. A governor putting her beliefs first would approve the law and take their chances with the court, but Palin chose the novel path of obeying her oath of office. A president is a servant of the people charged with enforcing the constitution and protecting the people from all enemies of the USA. It is not for the president or a governor to "interpret" or otherwise circumvent the law. When asked about the veto, Palin responded that if people wish to change the constitution, then there is a process for that.


Another trait that sets Mrs. Palin aside from the rest of the pack is her devotion to America. Mrs. Palin speaks with pride and joy about the unique place that is the United States of America. I can't see her cutting down our troops, declaring our culpability for the world's woes, or berating the people of America for being stupid, or throwing a tantrum, as others in the media and politics have done. Palin would be a strong figure in international politics and a tough president to those who would do America harm. Palin is utterly fearless, willing to take on her own party, the other party, the Federal Reserve, and anyone else who needs to be taken on to forward the interest of America.

Finally, Mrs. Palin is an intelligent and savvy person. The liberal media and establishment Republicans have spent two years trying to alternately paint her as stupid or Machiavellian. They can't seem to make up their mind whether she is smart and evil or dumb and incredibly lucky. Neither strategy has worked.

Simmons says he can't think of a reason why Gov. Palin would want to leave the good life in Alaska, especially now that she has so much going for her, but there is one critical reason to ask her to do it: "We need her." Not only would a President Palin inspire young women by being the first of her gender to serve as president, says Simmons, "she would be a great president." She's not Reagan, he adds, "but she could be just as great as Reagan."

- JP

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