Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zogby: Obama 41%, Palin 40%, +/- 2.2%

President's job approval lowest ever
The findings of a new Zogby Poll indicate that Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are statistically tied in a hypothetical match up between the president (41 percent) and the former vice presidential candidate (40 percent). Just a single percentage point separates the two, and that difference is within the survey's 2.2 percent (plus or minus) margin of sampling error.

Results of the poll also indicate that President Obama's job approval rating has declined to 39 percent, the lowest point since he became president. Even worse for the president, his job approval rating among Democrats has dropped from 78 percent just a week ago to 72 oercent in this latest poll, which was conducted Nov. 19-22.

Zogby also found that the percentage of likely voters who say the U.S. is on the wrong track is now at the highest point of the Obama presidency at 69 percent.

- JP

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