Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Arkansans Brave Hours of Cold Weather for Sarah Palin Book Signing

Chilly temperatures and long line couldn't keep these Arkansans from Sarah Palin
KARK-TV reports from Little Rock that hundreds of Arkansans waited hours in what felt like below-freezing temperatures for a chance to have Gov. Palin sign copies of her second book, America by Heart:
With her new book out and her new reality show on television, many wonder if this will lead up to another run for the White House.


The book cover for "America by Heart" says it's about Sarah Palin's take on what it's like to be an American. Today's long line was full of people who came out because they say they identify with Palin and her emphasis on faith and family.

The chilly temperatures and long line couldn't keep these Arkansans from Sarah Palin. They came bundled up, and started lining up before the sun came up.

Palin fan Richard Caster said, "Got here at 5 am, left the house in Mountain Home at 2 am."

Caster drove nearly three hours from Baxter County and was the first person in line at Sam's Club. But the line was filled with people equally as anxious to shake Palin's hand and get her John Handcock on her latest book.

Palin supporter Ben Jiles said, "I came down here to see Sarah Palin cause to me, she is a true American. She's connected with so many people not through everyday politics, but through the ideals we all live by."

Although only 500 people had the coveted wristbands which guaranteed their books would be signed, the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate signed a few dozen more than that, and the event wrapped up around 8 o'clock.

Max Brantley of the liberal Arkansas Times posted two videos of interviews with fans waiting in line here.

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