Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lorie Byrd: Meet the Extended Family Tonight on ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

This episode shows five Palin generations with focus on Todd's side of the family
At Big Hollywood Saturday, Lorie Byrd previewed tonight's episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," the newest installment of the 8-part series:
This week Sarah Palin’s Alaska is all about family and fish. The Palins visit Todd’s family in Dillingham and at a fish camp in Ekuk. And they do a lot of fishing. Sarah and Todd’s son Track is back from Iraq and eager to make money following in his father’s fishing footsteps. But first he has to prove to his father that he can be the next of the great Palin fishermen.

In addition to watching Track catch fish (or not catch fish), Todd’s Eskimo grandmother, Lena, teaches Willow and the other girls in the family how to process the fish properly. Willow describes the scene as being covered in blood (and fish guts) and says she doesn’t think any of her friends do this. She is a good sport though and pretty good at it.

Later at the fish camp in Ekuk, after learning to process salmon for smoking, Piper says “I think I’m the best fish fileter in the whole third grade.”

The episode shows the Palin side of the family (5 generations) and what a big part of their lives fishing is.

Byrd says that the most powerful moments in the episode are those which focus on Trig and his older cousin Matthew. Both boys have Down syndrome.The reviewer adds that this installment of the 8-part series is the most “real” of the episodes so far, and it shows "the background of hard work and family that shapes Todd and Sarah Palin’s world view."

"Salmon Run," the third episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," airs tonight, at 9PM Eastern/8PM Central on TLC, with an encore showing two hours later.

Gov. Palin's tweets about tonight's program are here.

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