Thursday, November 25, 2010

Newsbusters: ABC Finds Palin Korea Mix-up Newsworthy

But Obama's gaffes, not so much
NewsBuster Mark Finkelstein observes that Obama's "57 states" gaffe and his ignorance about what language is spoken in Austria were not deemed by ABC to be "news":
But let Sarah Palin momentarily mention North rather than South Korea as our ally, and ABC finds it newsworthy. Check out the video after the jump, containing the news scroll from today's Good Morning America.

By the way, as Ben Smith has pointed out at Politico, Palin actually correctly identified South Korea as our ally earlier in her Glenn Beck radio interview.

Speaking of Obama's many gaffes (or not, if you're a lamestream leftist media stooge)...

More commentary by Kristinn, Ian Lazaran and Doug Ross.

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