Wednesday, November 24, 2010

David Forsmark: Frum Freaks Over Imagined Palin Raaaacism

Amazing how Parker, Frum et al resort to leftist clichés and methods
David Forsmark catches PDS-afflicted Vichy Republican David Frum in the act of race baiting as the pretend conservative works from his dog eared page of leftist talking points:
So, in a little 59 word post portentously entitled, “Bigger Problems with Sarah Palin’s new book,” David Frum finds racism—yes, racism—in the following statement:
PALIN FROM “AMERICA BY HEART”: “But from what I’ve read, family life at the time of the founding was a lot like family life for Americans today: full of challenges, sure, but also full of simple pleasures.”
I’ll give you boilerplate, banality, throwaway, heartfelt cornpone… but racism? Really? Give up the Frum Forum, David, and get a column on HuffPo. You would have more readers and most importantly, you would be right at home with other PDS sufferers.
FRUM: For the 1 in 6 Americans who were held as slaves in 1790 – often unable to marry legally, and always liable to be sold and separated from spouses or children – family life was quite a lot different at the time of the founding than it is today.

A would-be president should remember that part of the American story too.
Even Frum Forum readers—who are still looking for a right of center reading experience—were put out by this, asking if we had to mention slavery every time we bring up the founders.

“ I don’t say so at all,” Frum protested, “I don’t call for national self-flagellation or self-disparagement.”

Then he proceeded to demand exactly that—or at least for Sarah Palin—for about 600 more words...

- JP

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