Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guardian: Palin aides scouting for office space in Iowa (Updated)

'Pain aide' says the Guardian is incorrect
The UK's Guardian reports that two of Gov. Palin's aides doing advance work for her book tour stop in Des Moines next week, have "told locals they were looking into office space and other logistical needs for the coming year."

The punditocracy has already taken the timing of the release of her second book, America by Heart, as a sure sign that the first woman to be governor of Alaska and the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate was considering a run for the White House. Now, with word that her aides are checking out office space in Iowa, the first stop in the presidential race, fresh fuel will feed the speculation that she intends to run for president:
Some of her staff now appear to be putting the pieces in place in case Palin does decide to run. One of the aides, who only eats kosher food, told a local rabbi he was looking into longer term arrangements in Iowa.

"He was looking to be able to accommodate the needs of those coming down looking to set up shop here for campaigning in the coming years," said Yossi Jacobson of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Des Moines.

Others in Des Moines suggested Palin might be seeking a base from which to solidify her power within the Republican party, after successfully campaigning for a number of conservative Tea Party candidates during the mid-term elections. "It will be more than just a book signing – I am sure," said Jacobson.

The Iowa caucuses are the first stop in the presidential primaries, and can make or break a run for the White House. Obama's win in Iowa catapulted him ahead of the early favourite Hillary Clinton, setting him up for victory in the 2008 Democratic primaries.

Gov. Palin addressed the Iowa GOP's annual Reagan Dinner in September.

Update: Turns out the person the Guardian describes as a "Palin aide" is not a Palin aide at all, but an enthusiastic Palin supporter. Read about it at Physicians4Palin.

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