Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Congratulations, Bristol; You're a winner.

Let us just say right off the bat that Jennifer deserves her DWTS win. Of course she is a ringer (having dance professionally in a movie), and the producers over-hyped her physical pain issues, but that doesn't change the fact that she was the best dancer of all the contestants. Kyle appears to be a great guy, and he's a fine performer.

But Bristol, you were a big winner tonight in your own right. You handled yourself well in a new world that must have seemed very strange to you at first. You were gracious tonight to the trophy winners, and we can see that you captured the hearts and earned the respect of your partner, fellow contestants, the judges and millions of viewers, a great many of whom are now your fans.

By going on the show, you made some incredible connections and you have a whole bunch of new friends you probably never imagined that you would even meet in your wildest dreams just a few months ago. Your determination, hard work and unconquerable spirit have served you well.

We remember when Levi first started his "Ricky Hollywood" schtick. He was the one who was supposedly going to be the "star." We recall him flitting around L.A. while while you were acting responsibly -- raising your son, furthering your education and working a yeoman office job. Well, look who became the real star! Levi, trapped by his own lies, was used by your mom's political enemies and then discarded when he was of no further use to them. He's a "nowhere man," but you, Bristol, in a twist of delicious irony, stand on the threshold of a promising future with the possibilities of endorsements, book contracts and TV show offers, according to the buzz in the entertainment world.

It's great to see you gain self confidence by "coming out of your shell," but please don't ever change any of the things about yourself which make you so endearing and such an inspiration. Taken together, they are called "good character," and you seem to have it in your DNA. You appear to have inherited many of the best qualities of your parents, but, as they say, "God bless the child who's got her own." And you've got your own.

Congratulations, Bristol! Bravo Zulu.

- JP

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