Friday, November 26, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 161

Special"Chick Corea Korea" Edition

Jim Vicevich at Radio Vice Online:
"I am not sure why the lefties have once again made the lovely Sarah Palin a big time target for personal hits... but so be it. Much is being made of Sarah’s gaffe on Becky’s show. It wasn’t much of a gaffe as you will see. But it has left them open to a very special holiday rerun of 'The One’s' most memorable moments... Of course the left is going after Sarah. Her name continues to show strong when it comes to Presidential polls. But if this woman is such an easy defeat for Obama, why would they not be encouraging her instead of whacking her? I may be missing something, but I think they think she can win."
Da Techguy:
"Sarah Palin put out a thanksgiving message yesterday that was simply classic... Not only has she addressed the issue but she made you [the media] look like fools by making it an issue... Bazinga!"
Curt at Flopping Aces:
"Since many of you spent the holidays with family, paying little attention to the media, you probably didn’t get the latest PDS from the MSM. This time Sarah Palin, during an interview with Beck, spoke about the Korean situation. She spoke about South Korea being an ally throughout the interview but slipped up once and said North Korea was our ally, which she corrected seconds later. The MSM couldn’t let that pass... Pointless, ridiculous, Palin bashing. Obama has been one of the most unqualified Presidents to ever sit in the Oval Office and our media ignores it. Sarah slips up during a unscripted interview, corrects the slip-up immediately, and is still raked over the coals. Naw…no media bias here."
"Sarah Palin Slices Obama's Lapdog Media Like A F'n' Hammer... That's what's so great about Sarah... she throws it back in their faces with a smile on her face."
John Hinderaker at Power Line:
"Sarah Palin referred to 'our North Korean allies' on the Glenn Beck show, a slip of the tongue that was deemed newsworthy by CBS News, the Washington Post, and many other outlets. Did those same sources publish gleeful headlines when Barack Obama talked about campaigning in all 57 states? Of course not; Obama is so, you know, brilliant... Heh. Governor Palin, on Facebook, makes the same point I made above, but more humorously."
Chris at Political Lipskip:
"The left is truly pathetic. But Palin shot back at the main stream media on her Facebook page with a glorious post of all the left’s dear leader, Obama’s, gaffes. Hilarity ensues... She is a helluva lot smarter than the left is giving her credit for, and they are all looking amazingly STUPID."
Rob Port at
"Sarah Palin misspoke, recently, saying that America was standing with 'our North Korean allies.' Obviously she meant South Korean allies... but that hasn’t stopped the liberal media from mocking her ruthlessly... Palin fired back, pointed out a rather palpable double standard when it comes to word fumbles by Presidents... To be fair, Obama has gotten his fair share of mocking from the right for verbal gaffes, the '57 states' thing being perhaps the most infamous. But I think most of the critics weren’t operating under the assumption that Obama didn’t know how many states this country has. It was just a funny slip of the tongue, and everyone enjoys a good laugh. But that’s not the standard applied to Palin. The media has been trying to write her off as an ignorant bimbo since she first rose to national prominence, the triumphant hyperventilating over this North/South oopsie being just the latest example."
OldIronsides at Conscience of a Conservative:
"Gotta love a beautiful woman who has brains and a sense of humor."
Freedom Fighter at Joshuapundit:
"Sarah Palin made a small momentary gaffe on Glenn Beck's radio show during an interview, saying we needed to stand by our North Korean allies. She corrected it at once and it was obvious what she meant, but the Leftish press made a major political headline out of it. So Sarah Palin, being who she is, decided to take this opportunity to remind them of a few things about double standards... On a serious note, the ignorant RINOs who have been engaged in Palin bashing lately need to understand that they are playing a dangerous and self-destructive game. They need to be reminded that the Leftish media will not just go after Sarah Palin, but will cynically use them to bring down any Republican nominee no matter who it is...and that person will not receive anything remotely like fair treatment by the likes of the dinosaur media."
Pierre Legrand at Pierre Legrand's Pink Flamingo Bar:
"At least one Republican is willing to take on the corrosive nonsense that some identify as a 'free' press."
Jack Marshall at Ethics Alarms:
"Palin, who is nothing if not feisty, took to the New Media with a Facebook post pointing out that equally egregious flubs out of the mouth of President Obama had been ignored, and listed some of them, including the time Obama raised the number of states to 57, momentarily confusing them with ketchup. Good for her. No American politician in recent memory has been so outrageously victimized by media double standards and bias, and Palin was the perfect messenger to point the finger at this long-standing and despicable weapon in the journalist’s bias and favoritism arsenal... Whatever Palin’s flaws, being a patsy and a passive victim are not among them. No fair person can deny that she is in the right this time, and if there are any editors with integrity any more, and I have begun to doubt it, they may consider retiring the selective reporting trick. Finally, one of the targets won’t play by the old rules and it is about time. They might also consider apologizing."
"If ABC wants to debate whether Sarah Palin is geographically illiterate because Glenn Beck corrected her small mistake, then they should also be debating whether Obama is a Muslim since their own George Stephanopolis had to correct him..."
Susan Duclos at Wake up America:
"If you click over to all the Youtube links Palin supplied, you wonder immediately why, if gaffes are so newsworthy to news outlets, the ones she quoted and provided videos of weren't given the same intense scrutiny instead of nothing or just mere mentions as those same media outlets moved along to other more newsworthy stories. Palin's response was brilliant, and for those that believed or simply tried to convince their readers that Palin truly thought North Korea was our ally, does that mean they also think gaffes by Obama meant he believed his own misstatements when he made them?"
Gun Shy Tourist at Around O-Town:
"Sarah Palin beats the biased liberal media like a rented mule... and God knows that they need it."
Dave at Thoughts Aloud:
"I first heard about this 'gaffe' on Shepard Smith’s 'Studio B' about two hours after it was made... I immediately went and listened to the interview with Beck twice and it was so obviously a slip of the tongue that nobody could honestly conclude otherwise. There is no excuse for anyone in the media (including Shepard Smith) not to have done the same thing before gleefully running a story on it. These partisan 'reporters' are incorrigible. They wonder why they are losing their readers/audience. The ability for someone like Palin to bypass their publications and publish gems like this on social media sites will make these dishonest spinmeisters increasingly irrelevant. The more I see of Palin, the more I like her. This clever lady has pluck in spades and those who underestimate her mind are fooling themselves. She doesn’t need a teleprompter to deliver an inspirational speech. Her ability to speak extemporaneously puts the Obamessiah to shame. I’d pay good money to watch a debate between them."
G. Morris at Elephants in the Blue Grass:
"Sarah Palin cleverly regroups... with a reminder that she still has quite a few more mistakes to go before she catches up with President Obama's bloopers, including the Harvard man's lines about the '57 States'. a '20 centuries' old U.S. Constitution and the 'Austrian' language."
Loren Heal at Socrates' Academy:
"Like Sarah Palin, I draw some amusement at presidential candidate Barack Obama's famous mis-state-ment, thinking he had been insufficiently immersed in American civics as a child raised in Indonesia or wherever. When forced to think in an unteleprompted environment, his unfamiliarity shone through, I thought. OK, on some level I still think that... Obama wasn't being stupid, but phony... Obama simply misspoke. He meant to say he'd been in 47 states, with one left to go to visit all lower 48. Yet he was too arrogant to think the crowd was laughing at him. So he pretended to be in on the joke. As usual when a person does that, they wind up looking like a worse fool than if they'd just asked what the joke was in the first place."
Clifton B at Another Black Conservative:
"It is refreshing to see at least one conservative political figure willing to consistently stand and call out media bias. Perhaps if more conservative candidates put their foot down we would not have to suffer though crap like the CNN/YouTube debates from 2008."
Debra Moore at Exposing Liberal Lies:
"Now, that we have the full context of the conversation, it obviously was just a slip of the tongue. She clearly is aware of which nation is a threat, just as Obama is certainly aware that there are 50 U.S. states, even though he mentioned visiting 57 states while campaigning for the presidential election. Of course, the corrupt American Pravda neglected to share his gaffe with the public because they have a liberal agenda to fulfill. Unlike George W. Bush, who refused to stick up for himself against an avalanche of media attacks, Sarah Palin does an awesome job of firing back and reminding us all of the lengthy list of Obama's gaffes, many of which I've never heard before, and I make it a point of staying well-informed, which means that the average American has likely never heard any of these comments."
Scared Monkeys:
"Isn’t it just simply amazing that ABC News jumps on this Sarah Palin gaffe, when they completely ignore every and any Obama shortcoming."
- JP

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  1. Listen to Tammy Bruce's interview with Sarah Palin. The keys to the connection between Palin, the hating left, the plotting GOP Establishment, the media, the feminist movement and her loyal followers are contained within that interview. Yet, the super sleuths at all the mainstream media outlets completely missed it while they were too busy focusing on an insignificant misstep when Palin accidently said North Korea when she meant to say South Korea.